Bombers fire....wait for it...Tracey

:lol: :lol: Sacrificial lamb....and don't get me wrong deserved he to be fired...IF they don't follow up with the firing of Marcel...this team is a bigger joke than I thought... :lol: ...Mike O WILLTAKE OVER THE SPECIAL TEAMS AND WE'LL WIN THE REST OF THE WAY THROUGH THE SEASON :lol: :lol: :lol:


....I agree with the 'too little' dan..and it sure looks to be too late...How many fans pointed out LAST YEAR that Tracey was in over his head but because he was buddy of O'Sheas he comes back for another colossal failure...Same goes for Bellefueille ...he's no bloody good ...and yet he is foisted on us for another season to collect a cheque.. :thdn: ...Marcel is being kept apparently because we have no 'in-house' coaches to take over...I guess Howell and Buck have been just taking up space on the club and don't deserve a crack at the job... :lol: I'll say one thing right now ,a fence post with hair could do a better job with the offence than what is being done presently....Look at the state of it and if Walters/ O'Shea can't see it they should hit the road like Tracey...Other clubs can make SERIOUS changes and win...(see Mont./Riders) and we pussy-foot around thinking that things will change with the firing of the special teams guy...Good bloody grief this club is pathetic and I'll predict right now that there will be wholesale changes at the end of another loser year...Unbelievable. :thdn:

Right on Papa. But if O"Shea and the rest can't or won't make adjustments during a game, can we expect them to do what needs to be done concerning personnel ? I doubt it ! This group of coaches remind me of politicians.--- They don't really do anything. Everybody is wonderful all the time. Nobody is at fault for any mistakes. Everything will work out in the end.--- Sounds like they're selling something.

Tracey earned it. O'Shea has no clue when it comes to offence though so he's stuck to Marcel until the bitter end.

I think that is what it really boils down to.I imagine if we continue to flounder they will eventually axe MB as well.I think they would prefer the off season.I prefer now or even better yesterday..I also don't think we can assume OSheas steady don't get excited or blame anyone demeanor is what happens behind closed doors.

Well Aulcee, my son says the same thing, that we don't know what's happening behind closed doors. My answer is that whatever is happening, IT AIN"T WORKING !... I'm afraid O'Shea is a poof and I'll tell him to his face. If I get a reaction, it will be the only fire we see all year.... The boat is sinking. Nobody is bailing. Nobody is plugging holes and the captain is watching game film and congratulating everyone on how hard they're working.

Removing Tracey was the right call, but way late. The stat I saw yesterday says it all - Bombers 3 return TDs against, the rest of the CFL has allowed 4. Dreadful.

Marcel I can take or leave at this point. I’d like to see someone else call the plays and see if we get a different result, but the point that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors is valid. Our Oline protection schemes and the playcalling by all accounts are pretty basic but maybe it’s a function of what the players are capable of doing rather than what they’d like to actually do. For instance, they may have concerns about Marve’s ability to read defences and progress through his reads and Brohm’s ability to throw downfield accurately, so they scale down the playbook and take away some things to try help them be successful. I think that was pretty evident with how they called the game for Brohm in the LDC. It doesn’t help that the run game is nonexistent. I’m not excusing Marcel, but a few OC’s would have struggled with the QBs and Oline he’s had to work with.

IF...A big's not the offensive co-ordinator and it's the players....why was this not addressed in the offseason and actually right to present day...There's not a lot being done with new recruiting...IF you have underwhelming performers...get rid of them and bring in new people until you have the right mix...There are plenty of nfl cuts out there and if we look like we need a rebuild ...bring them in.....Oh ..but I forgot....that's not Mike O's way...He sticks with failure to the bloody least it appears that way. :thdn:

In all my years as a Bomber fan, through Kelly and Rheinbold, I have never walked away or shut off the game when Winnipeg has been playing, until the last few games. It's now a regular event that I turn away during the 3rd quarter. I can't stomach watching the same mistakes over and over and realizing that nothing will get done to try to end the bleeding. There are only 4 or 5 of us who even post here anymore. I don't care what's behind closed doors. I don't care about excuses. I see fans leaving very soon if something is not done. This kind of wait and see attitude is not working. Finding a player here and firing a nothing coach there is not enough. I'm not a panic type of guy, but I think we need a house cleaning and soon.

I think it's a combination of coaching and the players supplied by management. We should not have been going into a second year without finding a more experienced guy to back up Willy after last season. Relying on two guys who have not progressed is on management, the fact that neither has really grown as a QB is on the coaching staff. That our RBs aren't very good is on the players that have been brought, both at RB and OL. Stubborn coaching as well, for instance insisting on starting 8 Canadians at this point when some of them are hurting the roster and especially at a time when wins are so desperately needed right now.

Other than making a move in the offensive coaching ranks (and management/scouting), I don't think firing O'Shea is productive at this point. As frustrating as things are, firing him right now would mean he's the basically the second HC here in a row that's lasted roughly a season and a half, give or take a game or two, and Lapo lasted 2 1/2 or so. Some good HC candidates may look at the organization having a short leash in demanding results and say no thanks.

I agree wolverine that 'O'Shea has to stay'...(won't hear that rhyming refrain from many of the Bomber faithful though)..I have a gut feeling we win the banjo but it will only delay the inevitable...Unless this team can start putting together right after the other (am I dreaming and expecting too much) there will definitely be consequences (words of another failed coach lol)....Can Nichols inspire our guys enough to start playing winning football...sure hope the heck so...I have another gut feeling and that is that Marcel will be gone IF we don't win the next one...The pitchforks will be out and the villagers will be at the gates and Mike O's stint with the Bombers will certainly be in jeopardy.. :wink:

I think Kyle Walters is on the clock right now and his seat should be feeling a bit warm. Bombers are one win behind the Lions who have just lost Lulay and face playing the next month plus with Beck as the starter. There's still a chance to nab 3rd in the west. Nichols should be a serviceable starter until Willy gets back, hopefully sooner rather than later. Oline needs to be improved, still need a RB (and IMO dump Chevon Walker, find a speed back to balance a heavy runner like Marshall), and now we need a LB to take over at SAM for Randle who's lost for the year now (Wild maybe?). We won't become a team that blows others away but we can return to competitveness for this season relatively quickly still.

And just as I type that Walters swings Chris Greaves out to Edmonton for an international OL that can play guard and a high 2nd rd pick.

Well at least something is happening.

We're going to have to start calling Walter by the moniker Trader Kyle. Trade for Nichols, traded Greaves for another import OL which probably saved the team some money since he's probably lower on the payscale than a 6 year vet National OL. Plus he essentially gets us back into the first round in the next draft after we gave up our first rounder in the supplemental for Waggoner. Now he trades another conditional pick for a QB. I thought trades weren't supposed to happen. Intriguing prospect and nice to see he's not waiting to make changes. Not a player for now but could be a guy in a couple of years, so the conditional pick shouldn't be too high if it's within the next couple of years. Good move IMO.