bombers fire Murphy

The changes just keep coming in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers player personnel department.

The club announced Sunday afternoon that director of player personnel John Murphy has been relieved of his duties -- almost a year after he was hired by ex-head coach Mike Kelly to replace Brendan Taman.

The announcement came in a one-sentence press release with no comment from anyone in the executive explaining the decision.

Murphy's firing comes just two days after the Bombers announced the hiring of Joe Mack as their new vice president and general manager of player personnel - a position Murphy had coveted.

I'm sure there'll be more house cleaning before the next season start.

This decision by the Bomber's BoD sucks big time.

did you guys catch the interview with bishop? we keeo saying he might be next, but no one told him. He made mention to going over film still to improve his game as a bomber. with all the house cleaning happening in winnipeg, i cant imagine they would keep him. kelly gone, baur gone(by choice) and now murphy gone(a mike kelly guy) one has to beleive that bishop(brought in by kelly) would also be gone. Whatever happens i hope its good. even though im all stamps, i want all cfl to succeed. and growing up, the bombers were never a joke, but always a force. the people of winnipeg deserve to have that back.

We are no longer a force. We are a joke.

Well, housedog resurfaces. . . just a friendly reminder housedog, we're still awaiting a response from you regarding these two matters: