Bombers fire GM and CEO

The bomb dropped over Bombers headquarters this morning, as the Bombers announced both general manager Joe Mack and CEO Garth Buchko have been fired.

In a surprise twist, the board named former Bomber fullback Wade Miller, who retired in 2006 after playing his entire 11-year career in blue and gold, as acting CEO. Firing Mack was Miller’s first move in that role.

Makes you wonder if maybe Buchko was behind the leak of the Mack story, and the board canned him for it.


Greatest response EVER!


Heads are starting to roll…Burke next??

That probably doesn't make sense at this point, with a GM search about to happen. Find a GM and let him hire the coach. That's how it should be done.

Sorry I wasn't clear enough. I didn't mean right now, I just meant next in line down the road

That's a definite possibility and it sure does make you wonder.

This is now officially a train wreck.

the best move they could have made. clean slate, start fresh.

when i was in winnipeg, the fans i spoke to had lost all faith in the people running the show.
since then, they've lost 2 more games to the stamps and lions.

i think this will restore some faith in their team.

new stadium. new management. hopefully a new direction: UP!

seaking of the bombers, things are looking UP already:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed major sponsorship agreements with three Manitoba Crown corporations.

The deals with the Canadian Football League club include Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Public Insurance and the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corp.

Global News says it has learned through a freedom-of-information request that Manitoba Public Insurance has a three-year sponsorship deal worth $330,000 that will cover transit rides and other transportation needs for home games.

A seven-year, $2.1-million agreement with the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corp. entitles the corporation to sponsor the Flight Deck area at Investors Group Field and provide youth and community outreach programs with 36 tickets to each home game.

Manitoba Hydro has not disclosed the amount of its deal, but says it received four season tickets in exchange for advertising and promotional material inside the Bombers' new home at the University of Manitoba.

The three Crowns say tickets they receive will not be given to board members, executives or cabinet ministers.

And hopefully no more Swanson T.V. Dinners....or 8-track tapes in the Caddy!!!! Looks like the guy squeezing all the nickels got squeezed himself.OUCH!!!! Begs the much longer for Burke? before he walks the plank?

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Probably not until they hire a permanent GM. Find that guy and let him run the operation, including hiring a coach.

....On the hook for more salaries...That's a good thing that Hydro is on board...might be a godsend at this time...Miller is a good businessman and knows the CFL and it's workings very well....I hope he works out and 'double-due diligence' is paid to ALL of the new hirings in the future :thup:

rare footage of Buchko hiring Mack

Rare footage of both Buchko and Mack being fired.

Buchko ran a bad radio station for a few exactly did that qualify him to run a football club?

Classic case of "who you know".'

Quite the gong show. And they call us hillbillies. We are civilized compared to what has happened there. [url=] ... ....Dinner[/url] [url=] ... .....Burke[/url] [url=] ... ....Bomber[/url] CEO [url=] ... .Half-Time[/url] Show

ENJOY!!!! :cowboy:

As God is my witness......I thought Turkeys could fly!!!!! :lol: :cowboy: