Bombers Final Cuts

SB Blair Atkinson
• DB Robert Bean
• DL Dante Booker
• P/K Brian Claybourn
• DB Cedric Dickerson
• DB Robert Grant
• LB Donny Green
• DB Sidney Haugabrook
• OL Jermese Jones
• DL Hakeem Kashama
• OL Adam Krajewski
• QB Russ Michna
• OL Marc Parenteau
• WR Chad Rempel
• DE Dexter Ross
• FB Lenard Semajuste
• RB Onterrio Smith
• RB David Stevens
• S John Sullivan
• DB Jazzmen Williams
• K/P Kirk Yliniemi

Fat Boy got cut ha ha ha ha yes he will make a great tandem with Roberts. He can sit at Tim Hortons and eat all those donuts well Roberts carries the load. So much for getting into shape!

the blob may not be released.....he could end up on the PR until he slims down...we wont know until tomorrow for sure...

Hey I like that name the blob! Fitting is it not! I guess next time he will take the CFL a bit more serious!

...not only the slimming Pigseye...he needs to get in shape to play in our league period...if he thought ,this was going to be some kind of cake walk up here....he was sadly mistaken....the ankle injury didn't help him...and Childs' surprising everyone at t.c. kind of sealed his fate....Smith might make the pr. but we have a few solid players heading there....and maybe we won't find room... :wink:

i think it is better off that we dont have him, because if we did he would have only been here for 1 year n e way…but who knows now, an nfl team might not want him back…look on the bright side-we have the best running back in the league period! we dont need some fat ass taking up room on a huge field…and we also have henri childs who is very talented

so the song was an omen 'when it over'

( on tsn, smith was interviewd while the song was being played in the backround )

...and Henri Childs is singing his theme song....We've Only Just for this guy...he's a good one.. :thup:

Holy.. cutting alot of big names there. Robert Grant, Jermese Jones, Onterrio Smith!

How was Jermese Jones doing? He might be a good pickup for the Eskimos if the O-Line struggles.

Well it looks like if Fat Boy Smith(great nic for him RW05) wants another shot at the CFL he has one year to get into shape to have another chance.

..Jermese Jones is going to the pr. i believe...Robert Grant will definitely get a look from someone else....and Onterrio is headed for the fat-farm....adios.. :slight_smile:

By the sounds of it, the nickname is the only thing that fits him. :lol:

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

"Dear Kettle:
You're black!
Signed, the Pot"

I have just one question then I will leave you Bomber fans alone! Why were you so high on this guy and now he is a blob? Remember the statment that he and Roberts were going to be the best one two punch in the league. What went wrong the fact this guy show up looking like Fat Burgers Mascot!

what went wrong? He showed up to camp 30 pounds overweight.

yah but many of the bomber fans made it seem like that 30 pounds would be easy to shake off, that was until he got his KANKLE injury :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

...heh ....we were going on the last time he played a serious game in the nfl.....what showed up at our camp was something you could float over the stadium and get some good overhead shots from....too bad the guy was so out of shape...he couldn;t perform at even 78% with that bum ankle...maybe someone else will give him a look...maybe he'll follow in Darnell McDonalds footsteps and head for cowtown...or he'll just head off for McDonalds period...its overrrrrrr' :?

lol cankles

i thought he could have lost the weight, but to tell u the truth.... what did it for me red was henri childs. he really impressed. he was a running back/WR/punt returner, and emergency QB in college. he's got all the traits we need, great hands, speed, versatility. hes also big at 220 and can block great. after i seen him, i didnt care what happend to onterrio to be honest.

Again I do not want to say I told you so. But can not help it. The fact Childs beat him out of a job is proof in point. Because you were thee guy in the NFL does not mean you will make it here. Smith had a few twinkies before making his decision to be a star in the CFL and well he went home disappointed and found out there is talent up here. I am waiting for Weedy to fall on his face. His longest run is 9 yards 11 carries for 46 yards does not impress anyone.

He sealed his own fate by showing up out of shape.... I would think that if it were any other team or NFL club, he would have cut his sorry @$$ the minute after he was weighed....