Bombers fan expectations ?

Was watching Kyle Walter's press conference. He was pretty honest that while they had fixed the structural problems of the football ops it would take patience and time to see the results on the roster, while stating the goal is to win the Grey Cup.

With this in mind are what is the minimum standard you would accept to be satisfied with the 2014 season ?

I've said it before, though papazoola has higher expectations than I do and doesn't agree, I think a 6-7 win season would indicate a team headed in the right direction. My earlier prediction was based on having a young QB at the helm as I figured either Collaros or Willy would be the starter, assumed most of the secondary would remain as it was in 2013, and the move to the tougher division where we haven't had much success in recent years. Given the way the offseason has evolved, I think an 8 win season could be within reach. I think the changes in the secondary should improve on what we saw last year. Losing Muamba hurts, moreso in the way it alters how we deploy the ratio. Finding a import LB to play MLB should be less of a challenge.

But more importantly, the offseason has brought some of the other teams down, narrowing the gap. Especially the Riders for instance losing Dressler, Sheets, and Butler. BC I think is will be OK weathering the losses given the depth they've assembled. I'm curious to see how Calgary fares this year. I think it's a given Tate gets hurt at some point, so is BLM or McPherson moving into Glenn's role and how do they fare? Both are good in stints, but for a longer stretch? Plus how good will Nik Lewis be at 31 coming off what's probably the worst injury of his career? Will Chris Jones be a success like Milanovich as a HC or will he be more like a Tim Burke or Kavis Reed? Other than Watkins, Edmonton hasn't really made significant changes on last years club, yet, aside from Watkins. Andrew Jones there maybe. Sorensen isn't exactly an all star lineman.

Listening to Walters, there are still some more changes coming once they start looking over some of the other guys still on the roster. Can't exactly stand pat when you inherit a 3 win team. Then again there was excitement when Kelly and them Mack too over from the previous regimes and starting making changes, so we'll see. But I'm hopeful and excited to see how this team comes together for sure.

...Being realistic, Walters is bang on...I expect to see us battling for a playoff spot and depending on what B.C. Edm. and Sask. can put together, I think we have a legitimate shot...Looks like the wheels may be coming off in B.C...Tweets from some of their players are starting to expose some cracks in the good ship Wally B...Sask. has definitely taken a hit in this offseason...They have some serious holes to fill on D and offence...Edm. has really done nothing in fa. They really needed to fix a very bad o line..So far they haven't...So my thinking is that all three clubs will have fallen back and are quite catchable and depending on how fast we jell, it will get very interesting in the west...Calgary really has been just floating along and is very stable...Could have a question mark at qb. but all in all they look solid...My expectation is we make the play-offs...anything after that is gravy :roll: :wink:

Too early to predict what will happen record wise, but certainly the organization is moving in the right direction meaning there's cause for optimism for the first time in years. In this league it's been proven time and again that a team can go from bottom to top very quickly (unlike the 32 team NFL) and after all the changes have been made and training camp is done, we'll be better able to assess what type of year the Bombers might actually have. For now, the signs point to significant improvement being very possible, but much still needs to be done in order to contend this year. The off-season couldn't be going much better if you're a Bomber fan, the same, however, can't be said for many others around the league. Hey, it's a start......

I'm not a Bomber fan, but I'll just say that 6-7 wins would be about where I'd expect Winnipeg to land this season. And with Bellefeuille in charge of the offense, I really wouldn't expect anything more...

Thanks guys. Seem pretty reasonable. 6 to 8 wins and fighting for a playoff spot for the entire season I guess is a lot more fun and will encourage fans that better days are coming.

After last year effort, I'll just be happy if the guys just try hard to win every game. It will very interesting to watch new players playing for a new coach.No numbers. All I'm going to say is if we make to the GC, we'll win it :thup:

Will this team improve over last season? It's all up to Drew Willy. Here is a young man's first time as a starting QB. As he goes so WPeg goes.

The biggest thing I'm looking for is the team competing every game to the end and being in most games. Enough of these embarassing blow-outs or the offence not even making a first down for an entire half! :wink: Those kinds of showings really demoralize the team and the fans if they keep continuing. Hoping they let Willy air the ball out, bring the Dieter Brock "Long Bomb" back to Bomberville! :rockin: :wink:

Hopefully this is the year some of those canuck o-line prospects pan out. I'm sure they are also looking at a starting capable o-lineman for their first round pick in this coming draft if not drafting a few others later on too. An eight win season would be on the road back to respectibilty, maybe even a shot at a cross over berth. Anything more than that is a bonus realistically. The worst to first or almost first turnarounds have been happening more the last few years, so you never know though. The main thing is do we finally have a gunslinger that has the potential to lead us somewhere eventually? Definitely this team can have no more Reinbold/Kelly/Mack fiascos for several years to rebuild faith to Bomber nation.

I agree with most here. 6 wins would be a minimum for me. 8 and challanging for the playoffs would be a success. I really do think we have turned a corner.

Well in a way yes. .. but in a way I don't know yet.

I do like some of the moves that have happened, both by addition and by subtraction.

But for me. . . Drew Willy. If he turns out to be the real deal that many think, then yes, a corner has been turned.

But on the other hand, if he turns out to be more like so many Winnipeg QBs in the past, for whom fans had great expectations, but falls flat on his face, then no, it's back to the drawing board.

Here's hoping he's more like Khari Jones than Tee Martin or Spergeon Wynn or any of the other 'saviors' that came and were found wanting after a lot of hype.

Regarding Willy: he looked good when he played in Saskatchewan, but that was basically an all-star team. Excellent O-line, fantastic receivers, superb coaching. Willy will have much less to work with in Winnipeg in that regard.

Walters has done a very poor job of improving the O-line via free agency, IMO. There were Canadians available to help Winnipeg, but none of them ended up with the Bombers. I think Walters is going to draft a kid with the second overall pick who he thinks can come in right away and compete for a starter's job on the O-line, but that is a big gamble. Will the kid have NFL aspirations? (high first round draft picks in the CFL usually do). Will the kid be able to step in and start right away? (not many have done that without a mentorship period). Quality non-import starters/depth on the O-Line will be a real issue for Winnipeg going forward unless Walters starts making some trades. Remember, you lost Muamba, a ratio-buster on D, so one would think that Walters would have to bolster Canadian content on the O-line to fix that ratio problem. Will waiting for other team's O-line cuts cut it for Winnipeg as a last resort?

Speaking as a Ticat fan, because of the current O-Line mess in Winnipeg, I think the Bombers will be lucky to make it to .500. Willy will be running for his life.

Can't speak for all Bomber fans but I'd be thrilled if they finished .500 or thereabouts. Going in the proper direction is the most important thing right now and after that is accomplished, the wins will be sure to follow.

Being a Ticat fan doesn’t really put you in a position to poke fun of our Oline issues, I think. According to the CFL stats pages, Hamilton allowed 65 sacks to Winnipeg’s 50. But you do raise some valid points.

Regarding Willy and expectations for him - it’s expected he’ll make some mistakes but there’s some hope. 1. Willy having been around the league and having had good mentorship and experience in Sask should be an upgrade over Hallwho last year was thrown to the wolves with little preparation and shuffled in and out of the lineup in Burke’s revolving door of QBs. And 2. having Marcel B put together a playbook with pass protections, etc from the beginning rather than having Crowton who was still trying to figure out the CFL game design the plays and then asking Marcel midseason to try make do with his mess. The CFL experience and some stability should go a long way towards improving that.

Willy did have a lot of strong offensive players in Sask - 3 - 1000+ yrd receivers, and then Kory Sheets running the ball. Our RB spot is open. But Denmark put up 900 yrs, most of that in the 2nd half of the season as he struggled in the first half. Watson and Edwards had 500 yrd seasons despite each missing chunks of the season due to injury. And they added a 1000 yrd receiver in Moore. Chris Matthews could be in play again if gives up on his NFL shot and takes the Bombers offer and could be another 1000 yrd receiver. Kohlert is a great possession receiver. Aaron Woods showed great promise as a returner and a combo rusher/receiver before he got hurt. We’re not entirely devoid of weapons on offense. Though I can understand it appearing so considering the perfect storm of an inept HC and OC, a weekly revolving door at QB, and a lot of injuries.

Regarding the Oline, losing Sorensen leaves a ? for the Centre position. One of those young guys in the draft they have an eye on is a centre. The could also look to moving one of the other vets over from guard. They found a really good import tackle in Jarvis Jones last year which will allow us to jettison Shannon Boatman who really struggled last year and part ways with Andre Douglas who just hasn’t been able to be healthy for 2 seasons now. If we can manage the ratio, he should be even better with a full training camp under his belt. Patrick Neufeld, assuming his leg is healthy, is also an option at guard or tackle and an upgrade. We also had a rash of injuries amongst the NI oline - Morely, Pencer, Swiston all missed time and Neufeld was never healthy after he came over in trade. I’m not quite sure what was expected of him in rebuilding the Oline in FA. Bourke resigned in MTL just as FA opened. Myddleton was 2nd best out there probably. Losing Sorensen may have been addition by subtraction. The others? were any really a significant upgrade?

The loss of Muamba is a concern because of how to redo the ratio. And then one of the ratio spots last year was just not very productive, that being his brother Cauchy. But Walters has altered the makeup of that spot by adding Bucknor and now Newman. Plus last years draft pick DB Kris Robertson is expected in camp. And for the time being Cauchy still remains on the roster. I would imagine one of the 7 starting jobs goes to one of these 4 guys. Two more spots will go to receivers on offense - Watson and Kohlert. Three more guaranteed on the Oline at Centre and both Guard spots. The last remaining spot I think they will leave to figure out in camp - either a third starting NI receiver, a fourth starting NI OL, or possibly a rotation of a NI DL and NI DB. And considering Etchevarry will be the DC, I have a feeling it will be a DL/DB rotation given the way he likes to have versatility and options amongst his defensive starters.

There are two center. Lavertu out of Laval and Matthias Goosen who was a 1st. team All-American in the GNAC conference. So Winnipeg is sure to get one of the two and they are sure to get a good LB or DL with their 11th pick. I could see BC trying to acquire Ottawa's pick to grab Goosen but in any case that position should be filled by one of those young kids.

Bombers traded their 2nd round pick to Sask in the Hall/Neufeld trade.

It's funny a Cat fan would guestion our rookie QB. :lol:

...I doubt very much that Ottawa will give up their first pic to B.C. unless they get multiple pics from Wally...The way things are going out there on the left coast, I doubt that's going to go over too well...Besides Ottawa is in need of a good young o lineman and in a thin draft year, they'll go for the cream..Nix to that trade...Neufeld was/is as good as Best was in Regina until Neufeld was injured...In fact they were interchangeable according to Rider fans...They did not want to see Paddy go..Trading for him for Alex Hall was a no-brainer and a win..I'm looking for big things from Neufeld this year and he has been signed here for a couple of years...I'm hoping we sign Bob Wylie as o line coach...This guy will make a huge dif. to our line... :wink:

Hope you guys will be classier when your team starts winning :lol:

Your offensive coordinator is the best OL coach in the league.