Bombers extend National LS Mike Benson through 2024

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced on Thursday that the club has signed National long-snapper Mike Benson to a two-year contract extension, keeping him in Winnipeg through 2024. Benson was scheduled to become a free agent February 14.

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Remaining Bombers FA

(*** Recently signed)

ADAMS Keion, A, DL, Western Michiga
Agudosi Carlton, A, WR,
BAILEY Rasheed, A, WR, Delaware Valley
***BENSON Mike, C, LS, Acadia
BRIGGS Jesse, C, LB, McGill
BRYANT Stanley, A, OL, East Carolina
COUTURE Michael, C, OL, Simon Fraser
DARBY Alden, A, LB, Arizona State
DEMSKI Nic, C, WR Manitoba
ELLINGSON Greg, A, WR, Florida International
GAUTHIER Shayne, C, LB, Laval
GRANT Janarion, A, WR, Rutgers
HARDRICK Jermarcus, A, OL, Nebraska
JEFFCOAT Jackson, A, DL, Texas
***LAWRENCE Desmond, A, DB, North Carolina
MARUO Les, G, LB, Texas at San Antonio
MASTON Mercy, A, DB, Boise State
MILLER Mike, C, RB, Acadia
PRUKOP Dakota, A, QB, Oregon
***ROSE Winston, A, DB, New Mexico State
SAYLES Casey, A, DL, Ohio
TAYLOR Nicholas, A, DB, Florida International
***THOMAS Jake, C, DL, Acadia
WILSON Kyrie, A, LB, Fresno State

Note: (I changed N to C I refuse to call a Canadian a National) and added Agudosi to the CFL list, im not sure what his status is.

Who are your top 5 most important signings??

My picks below,

  1. Stanley Bryant Ol
  2. Jermarcus Hardrick OL
  3. Nic Demski WR
  4. Janarion Grant WR
  5. Nicholas Taylor DB

......(I wished I said top 10)

  1. Carlton Agudosi WR
  2. Alden Darby LB
  3. Rasheed Bailey WR
  4. Mercy Maston DB
  5. Jackson Jeffcoat DL

Good signing of an underrated position on the field. I can't recall any issues with Mike's long snapping in the last 2 seasons. Another Winnipeg born player staying with his hometown team. Awesome.