Bombers extend DL Jackson Jeffcoat

WINNIPEG β€” The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced on Monday that the club has signed American defensive lineman Jackson Jeffcoat to a one-year contract extension.

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And the front office continues to twiddle while Rider nation continues to burn.

Great to see from the point of view of a Bomber fan.

Jeffcoat certainly had a tough 2022, being injured all year and in and out of the lineup. He still stepped up in the playoffs. He was my choice for defensive MVP in 2021 over Bighill and wreaked havoc on opposing offences all of that year and is a forced fumble master. I still think and certainly hope that he can return to his previous form and have a relatively injury free 2023.


Great to have Jeffcoat back. Hope he’s able to go full throttle this year to take some pressure off of Jefferson.

Just one piece in the interior of the line to go now. Hope they can sign Sayles.


Well to be honest there ain't much left to burn from the conflagration that was the 2022 season. But damn where and when is the rebuild going to start

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Decent signing. Big question is can he put in a full season. Hasn't made it past 12 games for 4 straight years now & isn't getting any younger. Looks like the Bombers will be fielding another older veteran lineup - the only guys signed on the front 7 are the 30+ crowd. Don't see much changing in the 'PEg so we'll see how it all plays out. But - one year deals on pretty much all of them. Can't say I disagree with that. :sunglasses:

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I agree with you. Father time may catch up to the Bombers.

The Bombers are getting old they need a significant signing

to stay on top ... .

To get back to the top*

The dynasty was denied

You are right

I want to forget .... ... the last game .

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Welcome back Jeffcoat, one of the puzzle pieces for Winnipeg 2023. Better with us than against us.


The Jeffs are back! :+1:

And congrats Jon, on the mod news - I just found out!


Well they did finish 1st.....and we will challenge for that again :muscle:

Can he finish a season tho? That's the big question

Doesn't have too. He's a huge impact when he does play and O'Shea has managed his playing time so he's there for the big games.

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I wish I could predict the future, hell I can't even get the past right most of the time.

With all players you expect some type of injury, how severe or how long an injury lasts is the bigger question. Jackson is 32 hopefully he has a couple more quality years left in him, sill would rather have him on the Bombers then play against the Bombers.

Andrew Harris is a good example, I still think Winnipeg made the correct decision regarding Andrew for the long term but would love to have had him with us in the Grey Cup. Just like Jackson he brings the fire when you need it the most.


I guess you can ask that question for every player that plays football.

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Thats kinda the dilemma

Of course as a gm you want to maximize your players and get younger at the right time.

But then there are times where that player has bounce back seasons or beats the odds ie charlston hughes a few years ago

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The old saying is the best ability is availability

Jackson Jeffcoat was never a member of the Washington Commanders, he was a member of the Washington REDSKINS.
They changed their name to Commanders just last year.
They were simply called the Washington Football team in 2020 and 2021.
It's just revisionist history to pretend that they were never called that, no matter how big a politically correct snowflake you may be!

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