....I see a Grey Cup contending defence...Offence not so much...Special teams also BIG question mark...????..Garrett is a gem....the rest should hang their heads :thdn:...Renaud is NOT off the hook :thdn: He literally gives the opposition a freebe ..Time to give Boreham a shot...

This team has made huge strides this year but this is not a GC contender yet. Oline is bad, Kicking is the worse in the league and offense is very inconsistant. Future is very bright...

...No sense of urgency on offence...Seem to be mismanaged....Do we have a hurry=up offence...???? :lol: Oh well Als. up next :roll:

I don’t know what’s happened to Renaud.

Palardy is a keeper as an FG kicker but we need a kickoff guy who can punt. I’m skeptical of Boreham being any better than Renaud but at this point what do we have to lose?

Jovon Johnson is AWFUL as a punt returner. He used to be one of the best in the league… those days are long gone. I don’t care who’s returning punts next week but I hope it’s not JJ.

Hopefully our receivers remember to bring their hands to the Montreal game because that was just pathetic. Denmark better not be seriously injured because I’m starting to lose trust in the other guys. Carr is inconsistent, Edwards drops/fumbles too much, Watson was pretty awful today, Hargreaves dropped a few today and is way too slow to be a major threat, and Etienne isn’t ready yet. Oh, and there’s TJH and all he does is fumble. Lots of talent, not much actual production right now. Someone better step up soon, especially if Denmark is out.

Without Garrett we may not have scored a point. Really happy to have him right now.

This loss was all on the O. The Bomber D did their part, forcing Edmonton into turnovers and limiting the damage, but Winnipeg’s offense just laid a gigantic goose egg, again. The deficit wasn’t insurmountable by any stretch, but man. The playcalling wasn’t great, and the receivers need to practice securing the ball in practice. Way too many tipped balls, some of which turned into picks. I’m not Buck’s biggest fan but tonight’s loss wasn’t on him.

Maybe the snack food the Bomber receivers were eating had something to do with all the drops and picks.

This was our game for the taking. Maybe all the accolades given to the Oline after last week went to their heads. Not to take away from Edm’s D , but Buck was hurrying passes or running all night. High passes,low passes,tipped passes,dropped passes,all equate to not enough time to throw. Edm. gave us ample opportunities to score and win on their penalties alone! Ah well, we’re still twice as good as last year and anything can happen in the playoffs

Tough loss, the offence and special teams just sputtered along but that's the way the coach wants it. Play it safe, try not to make mistakes and hope the other team makes enough mistakes for you to win. Not a big fan of that style.

Well, they are in the playoffs, so they WILL contend for the Grey Cup.

Not to be the pessimistic guy on here or anything, I really like what the Bombers have done this year.But are they mimicking the 2010 Argo's?2009, Argo's had alot of close losses, went 3-15.2010 they go 9-9, everyone thinks that they've pulled a 1 year turn around under Barker.This year they currently sit with just 4 wins.Last year the Bombers finished 4-14 with alot of close losses as well.This year they currently sit at 9 wins.My question is, will they next year be the 2011 Argo's or are the Bombers ready to compete for a while now.I'd really like to hear opinions from the fans on this one, the good the bad and so on.

imo, the big difference is, the Bombers are the youngest team in the league. When Joe Lobo went down, M Bowman stepped in, when Reid went down, Garret stepped in. Bombers are building depth and replacements. Brink and Elliot both look like they can play, maybe not ready to be starters but that would be unrealisitc to expect. Buck looks tired, as hfxtc suggested, his play has lead to more losses than wins for the Bombers in the second half. If he can get some rest before the playoffs, Bombers will make noise, despite some key injuries. As for next year, anything can happen, CFL is just so crazy.

For me I will be ecstatic with a home playoff game this year. Anything more will be even sweeter. Yes, as Pigseye said we are the youngest team with great players at almost every position that are only going to get better with experience. I would have to think that we are already favourites to win the division next year, and my expectations for next year go up as well - Grey Cup.

...I'm with you LetsGoBlue....This team is still very young and when Brown leaves after this season (at least he says he is) the average age on this club will drop considerably....We have talented players...It's not that talent i'm worried about but rather on the coaching side....Lapo is way too conservative...He doesn't seem to have much variance in his offensive calls..The redzone play is pathetic ..I don't know how many points we've flushed.. It's costing us BIGTIME..As well when we are late in the game or near the end of the half, where the hell is the hurry-up offence...I don't think we have one and if we do i bet it's rarely practised....The special teams coach has to go... How many times has Lapo got to witness the debacle in that dept. before he wises up...I've never seen such lousy blocking schemes on kick returns...It seems Jovon has given up as well , with regard to returns...We are either penalized or it seems we just stand there waiting for the inevitable 'creaming' of our returner...I don't blame Johnson for his play of late...Something better change quick and for cripes sake SIT RENAUD...He's not getting it done ..Start Boreham :x

For the players we have ...who can stretch the field and burn people, we are not accomplishing much...As good as the o line was last week, they returned to their old ways in the game last night... :thdn: Why are we keeping Douglas American who isn't very good...Just watch him let people blow by him and head straight for Buck...He's a turnstile turned pylon...Get someone better...There are other weaknesses but that one is glaring...

Maybe we can iron out a few things before the Als. game....Denmark is hurt....that ain't good...We may have to insert TJ Harris and hope he has cured his dropsies....otherwise i think we're still healthy...Kent may also be a question mark but Lapo says he isn't seriously banged-up...We HAVE to play better next game or we can forget first place...We have to have our guys step-it-up ...Here's hoping :thup:

Here are the problems...

Oline sucks, Buck was sacked lots, pressured lots, had no protection at all. zero. it was like 1 maybe 2 seconds and he had someone in his face.. all game really. Oline is a prolem
Sp Teams.. Punting? meh when the offence cant move the ball, im not gonna crap on 1 or 2 bad kicks, the other 45 he had were fine. a problem but only because how many times a game do we punt.. bet we lead the league, probably in fg attempts too. more u have, more u flub.

Denmark got hurt.. that sucked. why? because the backup is etienne, not saying etienne sucks, just saying, i think we could manage the roster abit better.. why not put him on the 4man, start an american receiver and play a canadian who can play sp teams. dont believe etienne does,he's a wasted roster spot.. cuz he rarely plays.

3 di's on d? great but... we see what happens when a import receiver goes down.. we played most the game with 2 imports and 3 cdn's.. 2 being hargreaves and etienne, we had no chance.. PAGING CORY WATSON, really our receiving threats were CARR who had his chances but dropped a few tonight.. sure did. edwards is invisible now.

it all starts with OLINE THO... no protection. how do you fix it? with 3 games left.. u dont. you suck it up and wait till the off season.. 4-14 last year.. 9-6, probably 10-8 finish this year and hosting a playoff game, hamilton needs to win 3 to take 2nd, we have the season series.. we can still finish first.. sure, lots of problems.. but 4-14 to hosting a playoff game, maybe the eastern final.... did anyone expect that?

offseason comes..

fix oline, fire oline coach
fix sp teams, fire sp teams coach
get a dl coach.
get an OC, altho tsn seems to think baressi is indeed our oc. so do fans when we win, but when we lost, we blame lapo.

this team is an OLINE and sp teams away from being an elite team.. all teams have problems.. calgary lost to toronto.

Identifying the problems is the easy part.Fixing them is harder, Oline probably the hardest. Since 2007 maybe even longer no one team as won the GC without an all Canadian oline. If he hits the market Josh Bourke will be the most sought after FA in years in the CFL, more so than Fantusy.

…Popp better have his cheque book out for Bourke,hfxtc…I see the same thing…I’ve watched this guy for a few years now and if we could ever land him…bango…a huge acquisition and a piece to the puzzle…Our current problems with ni o linemen can be traced to poor drafting over the years…we have certainly been lax in that dept., except for the drafting of LaBatte a few years back…I think we’ll definitely be combing through possible fa signings and or possibly go the trade route to improve BUT that does not fix the problem NOW…We may have painted oursleves into a cornor… :roll: :thdn:

The Als oline looks better than it is because they always keep 7 in to block and Calvillo usually gets rid of the ball on 3 step drop.

In the 2 games head to head this season, Bombers 6 sacks, Als 2 sacks. Seems to me the Bomber oline has outplayed the Als oline on both occassions.

Incorrect on all counts.

Calvillo does not not ‘usually’ get rid of the ball on a three-step drop. Maybe in 2008 or 2009 when we were more focused on the short passing game, but he hasn’t for almost two years. We run intermediate and deep routes (deep ins and outs, corners, posts, etc.) just like every other team. Try watching the games before you run your mouth.

We don’t ‘always’ keep seven in to block. Seriously, do you have any idea of what you’re talking about? We don’t even use a fullback most of the time; the fifth receiver is sometimes called upon to chip-block. Moreover, Whitaker is frequently in motion pre-snap, or else check-releasing into the backfield if there’s no one to block. Sure, we have double tight sets, and max protect sets – who doesn’t? Seems to me that your offense should consider doing some of these things. Maybe then your QBs wouldn’t keep getting injured and your offense would have a QB with a better rating than Cleo Lemon.

Lastly, we lead the league in time of possession, and we run a high number of pass plays, so your point about us ‘looking better’ is nothing at all, because our O-line pass-blocks more frequently than yours and is thus under more pressure. Oh yes, and we have the league’s leading rusher. But no, our O-line looks better than it is. :roll:

Honestly, your team has a bottom-tier offense and you’re taking shots at the league’s top offense. It’s pathetic. :lol:

In the 2 games head to head this season, Bombers 6 sacks, Als 2 sacks. Seems to me the Bomber oline has outplayed the Als oline on both occassions.
Again, that proves what exactly? Sacks aren't the only gauge of what an O-line is doing. And even if you're right, how do two head-to-head games mean that our O-line isn't good, and appreciably better than yours? We split those games, incidentally, and our offense worked just fine in the second of those games.

You come off like an insecure fanboy who just can’t handle the fact that another team is superior to his in one clearly obvious way. It would be if I tried to compare the Als’ defensive line to Winnipeg’s, or pretend that DeAudra Dix is just as good a cover man as Jovon Johnson. Get a grip.

In the 2 games between the Als and the Bombers, each team had 4 QB sacks. On September 18, 3 to 1 for the Als and on September 30, 3 to 1 for the Bombers. Coincidence? In each game, the team with more sacks lost.


meh.. that would be if we had receivers that could consistently catch the ball. a good half of Pierce's picks this year have been receivers knocking the ball into the air. also, Cleo Lemon is 4th in the CFL in QB rating, it's not like his 91.8 QBR is something awful.

I completely agree with your post, I just figured I'd say that.

sorry pigseye, our offensive line is the worst thing I've ever seen. there is pressure on Buck on EVERY single passing play. I don't care if our O-line has allowed less sacks than Montreal's in the two head to head games, it's easy to see if you watch them play. actually, they had a pretty good game in the one game against Montreal where Brink played. but when you watch them play there are a minimum of two defenders in the backfield within half a second of the ball being snapped, it's pathetic. whether they ultimately get to the QB or not, and we have allowed the second most sacks in the league so they are pretty often, our O-line is just downright lousy.