Bombers - Eskimos

Joe Pascucci @Pascucci015

Marc Parenteau starts at guard for Blue Bombers vs Eskimos. Tyson Pencer will be extra O-Lineman. First time Pencer will dress for a game

offensive lineman Paul Swiston will go on the nine-game injured list after hurting his shoulder and his knee. Chad Simpson will still be out with a hurting foot, though Burke said he should be back soon after that. And whether receiver Jade Etienne comes back this week remains to be seen, after he was injured when his head hit the turf. It will depend how he does in practice, Burke said.

Tough break for Swiston as he finally pushed his way into a starting role.

Goltz will remain the starting QB.

Interesting to see Edm will play Rottier after Hervey said he didn't want to see him play another down this year.

....Look for Rottier to be under the microscope and out from under the bus...Telling game for him....Esks. o line generally will be in tough, if the Bombers d can duplicate what they did to Sask. ...Reilly better be at his elusive best....For some reason I think our offence is about to break-out in this one...Battle of the basement dwellers we could call this one... :wink:

I think the same as you do papa, would be hip to see Winnipeg win at Commonwealth.

Anyone care to lay bets on the team that loses this one firing their coach?

Who will replace Reed If the Bombers win MadJack? Burke is safe I say.

Well, if Edmonton cans Reed now, I’d say they promote Greg Marshall as interim head coach.

If Winnipeg cans Burke, then I think it’s Bellefueille.

O.K. the bets on; the loser does not post until October 3rd eastern time if a Head Coach gets fired. I bet no Bench Boss gets fired. MadJack?

Hey I didn't say one was going to get fired. . .I just asked if anyone thought someone was going to get fired.

If I were to bet, I"d say if one team loses both of these back to back games, then the coach of that team gets the sack. Want to bet on that?

Sure, I'll bet on that MadJack; you state the penalty for the loser if that happens.
Edit: I think Winnipeg will win both games to be honest.

I'm in taylor. . i'm not normally a betting man, but what the heck.

If one team loses both games, I say their coach gets fired. If you say otherwise then what do you suggest we bet on it?

Edmonton's O-Line was even worse without him. The Bombers have a ferocious pass rush, I don't think Hervey had any choice.

Lets just say it's a fun deal..and post I lost a bet to such and such.

Whoa - Pencer to start at RG, Parenteau to be the main backup. Anyone predict Pencer will start basically his first game after coming off the 9 game? I guess if you're getting your feet wet, better against the Eskies than the Riders.

Darrin Bauming @DarrinBauming Tyson Pencer will start at RG this week for the #Bombers vs the #Esks. Marc Parenteau will be the sixth OL. #CFL

Darrin Bauming @DarrinBauming
Pencer has never dressed for a professional game. Burke describes him as a tough guy, and that Saturday will be a trial by fire. #Bombers

As crazy and zany as this season has been for you B.B. fans,unbelievably if you can win both of these games against the ESKS,and the ALS lose in B.C. and next week in TouchDown Atlantic,you'll be right back in the play-off race with you and the ALS sitting at 4-8 with 6 games to go.Realistically speaking this year,5 or 6 wins will most likely get a team a playoff spot in the East Conference.I'm actually cheering you B.B.'s on to accomplish this,would LOVE to see the once mighty AL'S miss the play-offs for a change.Besides with all the ex Ti-Cat connections on your team now,it suddenly is getting interesting again.

Eskies get a boost with JC Sherritt and Hugh Charles likely to return. Odell Willis is back, but he in effect balances out what we'll get from Alex Hall both in terms of sacks and offsides penalties.

This is a really difficult one to predict.

Edmonton's o-line is arguably the league's worst, and Winnipeg's D-line is the best.

Advantage Winnipeg.

Mike Reilly is a better QB at this point than Justin Goltz.

Advantage Edmonton.

Both head coaches are less than stellar. Same for the defensive coordinators and offensive coordinators.

So that's a wash.

So hard to predict. . .

MadJack: I say the Blue Bombers win both against Edmonton, thus Reed does not get fired but one other Coach may. That said I prefer the Bombers coaching staff over the Eskies. What say you?

And it's things like this (not what you posted bobo8224, but the fact of this 8 team league with losses, etc.) which irk me.
A team like the Blue Bombers who have lost all season long, can suddenly win one or two games at the end of the season and suddenly be championship contenders, if they were to win one or two more games hypothetically speaking.
What is the point of the regular season...what is the point of an 18 game per team season (other than gate revenues...a.k.a. money)....
In theory, all the Bombers have to do to get into the CFL playoffs is kick an accidental rouge or two and then it's Grey Cup time baby! Like what the blank blank blank blank????
Perhaps I should embrace it, but it's a tough sell for me.
There should be a rule that any team to get into the CFL playoffs MUST have at least at .500 on the given season....but then again, I suppose on occasion that would mean most of the teams would miss the playoffs in the CFL. lol.

Maddden, don't watch then ! That simple, free country, go watch soccer !. You talk like this is new to the CFL , The 81 Riders , made it to the GC, with 5 wins. The 2000 Lions and 2001 Stamps won cups with 8 wins during the regular season. Last time I checked , Montreal is a few games a head of the Bombers, so not like we can fluke 2 more games off and get in to the playoffs !

Unlike most leagues, there are a great deal of regular season CFL games that are truly exciting and fun to watch. This is part of the allure ! AND, you can't have MOST of the teams with lower than .500. Simple arithmetic...Follow Kasps advice !