Bombers @ Eskimos Game Thread

Nice sack by Hebert :slight_smile:.

lol maciocica already got a challenge wrong. And damn nice catch from Thurman!

Lets see them gamble here 3rd and 1, make macciociaca pay for declining the holding call lol.

aww wtf, first accepted it then declined then accept?

Holy cripes what a tackle by J. Jones. What impresses me is how such a big man made a pretty athletic play for his size.

Another Albert Johnson fumble on the punt :frowning: . That was also an awful pick thrown by glenn.

Yeah, my fist is in the air on that one.

Re: secondary

I am loving Beans method at his position, reminded me of ROD HILL thank GAWD. The Bomber secondary is in lockdown mode.

Yeah he's looked pretty good, I like the fact that hes a big guy.

Need the offense to get it going in the 2nd half maybe try establishing a ground game.

But you know what, man? It's better to mix the ground game in, with a passing game. I believe it'll be a better second half, the Glenn to Stegall strike, and Thurmon is looking like a potential monster out there.

why do chants in edmonton sound like there are only girls or young boys at the game?


are you fuing kidding me? he was fuing down!

Edit: I retract my opinion after seeing the replay :x

MILT BABY!!!!! hahahahahaha

:o Milt you are God!

sh*t I almost fell down the stairs running around my house

HAHAHA Yeah me too!

THAT WAS AMAZING! We deserved that one we outplayed them most of the game and what aan amazing toss from GLENN TO TURTLEMAN GOD STEGALL!

That was an amazing toss. Ricky who? Glenn to Stegall. . . that's who!!!

No way in hell did the Eskimos deserve to win that game. We had it in the final minute.

I want a picture of Stegall, when Brazzle escorted him to the endzone. One for the ages.

4 - 2 baby and 2 - 0 against the champs, nothing sweeter than a win in their own back yard.

The boys played a solid game and we let them hang around unfortunately but that was an amzing ending. 9 Catches 254 yards for MILT!

Re: pokey's pic of god (a.k.a. #85)

How did you get that pic I requested so fast. That is marvelous!