Bombers/Eskimos Game Day

So far, a great game if you like defense and punting.

... and slow cuts and players falling down

The dirty uniforms look great though :smiley:

I started a new drinking game. I take a drink after every two-and-out.

..."a real score-fest out there today Bob"...

You're sound surprisingly sober...considering. :wink:

I know that this is the first reg season game for both teams, and the weather hasn't helped, but this is one of the uglier offensive displays I have witnessed in a CFL game for a very long time.

This is what Chief's posts will look like in the second half... sldkvn slm sf lsf lsjkflvknsdfk l34935 sfl sfvblk

That is, if he can even find/see the keyboard

Maybe someone in London should place a preventative 911 call for alcohol poisoning. it looks like it will be a long night :lol:

Thanks, Brett. Appreciate you looking out for me. But sadly, it looks like Nowacki ended my drinking game. :lol:

Nice. New drinking game. Take a drink after every Edmonton turnover.

Eskies were robbed on that very obvious td. he wasn't touched but play whistled dead. No win situation on bad call by ref. :x

Yeah well, cr.ap happens. :frowning:

The officials messed up twice. First by blowing the whistle prematurely. Second by allowing Edmonton to challenge. Oh well.

Come on Serna

Long kick almost made it.... :frowning:

GG Esks

well, as a bomber fan, i would have felt guilty winning that game over the esks. Good effort by our defense but for three quarters, that offense was absolutely nauseating. seemed like something ran by a high school team.

poor serna. his first kick in the new year is a 52 yarder on wet grass. had the leg, just missed left a tad. im not going to blame him for that one. although you know what berry would think.

he made it the first time ... personally I was hoping we wasn't going to kick the one before the time out, the refs blew the play dead long before he hit it and I didn't want to see him make that one and then miss the next one. Tough to make two 47 yarders in a row on wet grass. The procedure penalty before the kick was huge too.. good finish though especially considering how boring the first half was.

Yeah, that was a tough long kick on a messed up field. Would have been good for his confidence - not to mention good for my team - but it's not on him.

good thing the field was perfect
for this barn burner
overtime would have been sweet for opening week

...all in all....I think the pundits better re-hash their take on the BigBlue.....i think they're better than what a lot of people supposed....I seen some very good things out there tonight... the BigBlue just need some 'jellin' time.. :wink:

Labbate blew it on the procedure penalty.