Here is where we turn the season around. We are still beat up, but so are they.
Douglas still out on the Oline, so that stays the same as last week. Watson still out, so no changes there either I think. Matthews has been a pleasent surprise, but where the hell has Denmark been though? We need more receiving threats, Poblah as well needs to step up. Will Simpson see some time?
On D Bowman still out, but Hefney takes Stewarts spot. Kenny Mainor out hurts, hopefully we get a better game from Turner et al. Secondary is hurting too with Stewart and Suber sitting. Pasco takes Suber's spot, Sears takes Hefney's HB position, and Beasley slots in for Sears.

Same story as most of last year with the injuries to key players, but like last year we need others to step it up. I want to see the D shut down that offence, and I want to see the OLine continue to get better. Most of all I want a win dammit!

Question Buck P Has been hurt in both games. Is he 100% 85% 65%?????? Normally Buck & bombers play well in Edmonton.
With all their injuries can they WIN against a good defence. Will have to score 24 points?? CAN THEY ???

....A loss in edm. :thdn: not only will/are the torches be out in schmoeville, the kerosene will be close by the straw poles in the Peg :wink:This esk. team is a wounded duck waiting to get plucked...We have to get off the ground somehow

We should remember we only have 3 wins in our last 12 games. Edmonton thinking ,here is a chance for us to get back on track. We really need this one!

If we get oline play like we did vs MTL or better and Dline play like we did vs BC, its a win for the current bombers versus the former bombers. Frankly it shouldn't even be close - Jyles having his ups and downs, Edm out 2 starting receivers in Carr and Bowman. However, with the inconsistencies and deficiencies in the current bomber lineup displayed 2 games into this season, the game ends up a lot closer than it should be.

Sobering thought kasps. Hadn't the Als lost 5 straight until they played us? You're right, EEs will be thinking the same thing. Never mind that it's Week 3, this one is a big one. We need some road wins somewhere, and this one should be top of the list.

The key will also be to make Jyles beat us with his arm by keeping him contained. I like our chances if we can do that.

He was 0-6 on deep routes last week, I expect them to go to a short passing game and get Jyles to use his feet more. They will have obviously seen how Montreal exposed the linebackers. moving Hefney in at linebacker will be interesting but considering their RB is not a pounder bringing some talent and speed closer to the LOS is probably a good idea. Double coverage on Stamps for sure. My question as I try to make my picks is how much points can the Bombers put on that very good Eskimo defense ? I think enough with Washington doing a good job on returns.

Debating taking all the home teams this week but I'm not sure. I think the Bombers should win this game but 3 weeks on the road like that is murder, especialy after playing in that kind of heat in Montreal. Do they have enough energy??? I'll have to look at what the weather is in Edmonton. Bombers have the talent but they will have to dig deep...

I won't take the Bombers until Douglas and Watson are back on offense and Bowman is back at WIL. This lineup is just too full of inexperience. The Eskimos at home after an embarassing loss should be a no brainer, if they drop this game against a patched up Bomber team, they are in big trouble.

he didnt get hurt in the montreal game, he was taken out with 1 minute left to get brink some reps. he wasnt hurt tho.

do you watch the games or just guess?

well, lets see, last week edmonton score 1 point, the week b4, they score 19 points.. they have scored 20 points in 2 games, bombers scored 31 last week.

reality is the bombers put up more points against both bc and montreal then edmonton has put up in both their games.

24 points to win? looks like they could win with 1 field goal really.

Honestly, i guess sometimes people dont truly see the problems, they always blame 1 player or 2 players or the Offense, but for some reason the bombers D gets a free press, calvillo had more yards passing in the first quarter last week then he did the entire game the week b4, the bomber offence has 2 2 and outs all game, the offense was clicking.. they really were starting to, the problem was, once in the red zone, they got fgs instead of touchdowns but the bigger problem was, the offense would come down, move the ball, take some time off the clock, make the game close, next montreal possession, eat 8 minutes, score a td.

The D CRAPPED THE BED AGAINST MONTREAL. If the D play improves in edmonton, then we should win this one easily. SHOULD.

BUCK PLAYS HURT EVERYGAME Just a matter of how bad his injury is on a given game day. Great HEART and talent.
DO YOU read papers or watched tv games??? Buck P has a history of getting hurt over the passed 4 years!!!!!!
Simple !!! Schultz picks Winnipeg 23 esk 20 So esks may score more then one point. Bet you a ton they do??????

.....The esks. are bleeding badly on offence....They have no real long threat except for Stamps and from what I'm hearing he's not too enthralled with his lame-duck qb.... Did Jyles throw to him at all in the rider game???? The esks. have a lot of good defensive players BUT so do the bluengold :wink: So if the Bomber offence can get off the ground, we should be able to return to the Peg with 2 points..

So it's looking like Carr might play. Makes the game a little more interesting. Any word on our injuries - will Douglas play?

Here's to hoping Matthews outplays Carr! :rockin:

Depth chart is out and Douglas isn't on it. Hopefully next week.

dont care about 3 years ago anymore tho in regards to pierce, fact is last year and this year, he's pllayed more games combined than guys like calvillo and tate and jyles for that matter. Dont care about 3 years ago anymore. he played 16 of 18 last year and both eastern final and grey cup. he's played both this year. Probaly could have contined playing week 1 but why risk further injury, anybody would have taken the qb out at that time, the "injury" was just a reason too.

Anyways, enough Pierce stuff. HE'S NOT THE PROBLEM!! as a matter of fact all our wins last year, PIERCE was the qb on record. Brink may have pulled off the bc game in winnipeg last year, but when pierce left the game, we had the lead. Pierce is the only qb we have that has started a game that we have won in the last season and 2 games. Brink and Elliot as much as i like them, and i do alot, there time will come, arent playing for a reason.Pierce is better right now. He just is.

Anyways, Tonight.. Noones back, missing suber and stewart, Things could be interesting.

Hef,Labbe,Doe doesnt concern me. Hef is a baller. Guess why not play parker instead of DOE tho? he got eaten alive last week. Maybe Parker will see some time.

This game could be interesting.. or it could be rather dull and boring.. I'm just gonna say.. i see this one not being as close as people might expect.. I'M JUST not 100 percent sure who the team winning will be. I'd suspect, if the bombers can get a couple quick early scores and the D can stuff edmonton's O a few times, this could get bad, same way around tho.

Hoping for a big game from Demond Washington, Him alone could win this game :wink:

The D has to step up tonight. Frustrate Jyles early. I want to see lots of pressure, but more importantly keeping him contained. Let's get a little confidence back on D with some turnovers & sacks.
As for the offence, just keep improving...move the yardsticks and let's see a major in the redzone!

…When your gm is quoted as saying …‘that if i had to make the Ricky Ray trade again, I wouldn’t’…sounds to me he hasn’t quite got the confidence in Jyles that he should have…Not only threw him under the bus but put it in reverse and ran him over again…I feel that this satement by Tilman will have two reponses…Either Jyles will come out and play like gangbusters or he’ll crawl off to a cornor…Guess we’ll see…I’d like the Bombers to prove that Tilmans assessment of his trade,Ray for Jyles, was correct and Jyles is who everyone thinks he is :wink:

weirdly enough, the blue win this one tonight at the odd 730 starting time, 730 winnipeg time :stuck_out_tongue: , and they are probably where they were expected to be after week 3. 1 win 2 loss's.

Hope they pull it off. Important game for the D to show that perhaps swaggerville isnt dead, they were just napping.

I really don't know about this one.

Winnipeg's mediocre offence against Edmonton's stellar defence.

Edmonton's dreadful excuse of an offence against Winnipeg's injury-depleted defence.

God forbid, we actually survive a 1st quarter not behind by TD or more.