Bombers don't seem too interested in winning in 2011

I can't help but laugh at papa's posts. If Barker is dumb enough to give up two picks or a pick and a player for Jyles, then he should be immediately fired afterward. Jyles has some talent, but he ain't worth two picks.

Barker will not do that. HE wanted Mcpherson badly last year and that was the price and he backed off. All GM's are very good right now. Mack is not going to fleece anyone or Tillman for that matter.

...well then let Barker go with what he's got...simple :lol: ..We would be strengthening a division rival by trading with the argos....we ain't about to give Jyles away for zip....The Kelly ship has sailed my friend...You want to deal with the're going to have to pay the going rate...What that going rate is , is debatable for sure...Then it comes down to see it your way... i see it mine :lol: AND obviously we're looking out of different windows :wink:

This is a big mistake on their part if they let go of Jyles. The Bombers haven't done anything to make their 4 win club any better. They better hope they have a good draft or find some good rookie free agents,.

…light years ahead of the Bombers :lol: :lol: :lol: A few four pointers going for us and the argos don’t even get a sniff in the playoffs…AND that was without our starting qb. :wink:

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts...:wink:

I agree that Winnipeg was a better team in 2010 than what the record showed, but talk is cheap. They went a league-worst 4-14. Toronto finished at 9-9 and made it to the EDF. The only way the Bombers can silence trash-talking is by winning, on the field.

As for being without your starting QB, your GM was the same person who handed the reins to a QB who can't take a walk to the cornerstore without getting injured. We're not talking about freak injuries, we're talking about a QB who has flat-out been unable to stay healthy over the past four years. Mack put you guys in that situation, no one else.

Argos posted five more wins with a true CFL rookie QB, they have like 8 or 9 draft picks to the Bombers 3. I dont understand the trash talk .... kind of like The peanuts wah wah wah


If Tillman or any other CFL GM trades a 2nd rounder & a 5th rounder for Jyles, I will make a donation of $150.00 to the Charity of your choice,in 2011.


......well if you believe we were a better team than the record indicates....exacto...

Put a healthy Buck in there for the whole season and it would have been a different story in the standings....but yes that's all conjecture....we'll hope to turn that around this year for ya :wink:

doesn't mean it'll happen again and again.

he had a coach who stuck with him and gave him all the chances to make a good impression..

does not mean Lapolice will be the same as Barker.

....I'll mark this post down and make sure you're good to your word....We might have garnered a donation pigseye...Keep it coming Richard :lol:


We'll see, papa. I'm betting the Bombers will win more, if only because LaPolice has had a year of head coaching under his belt. But betting on a healthy Buck Pierce for close to an entire season? Let's just say I wouldn't bet the farm on it...:wink:

and the Bombers today

signed "Always on the injury Reserve" David McKoy..


I guess he doesn't mind spending another 9 games on the Bombers Injury reserve..

Riders let him go because he couldn't stay healthy.

...Then i guess you haven't been privy to his work-outs all winter in Wpg...The guy will be in the best shape of his life AND if that doesn't keep him in the line-up welllllll:roll: ....There are always injuries that can't be avoided...There is also a smarter way to play the position ...Even Calvillo, who i consider the most savvy qb. in the country, was badly hurt....You can't always predict these things...Admittedly Bucks record is not good in this regard...BUT he's still fairly young and maybe it's his turn to leave that all behind...We'll see...Bring on 2011 :rockin:

...the guy has talent....he just can't stay healthy....We also had him on the roster last year but his knee had to be rehabed....Mack told McCoy to get ready for 2011 and he was released...We'll see what he brings to t.c. :wink:

And if Kelly Campbell didn't grease his hands before each game, the Eskimos would've made the playoffs... but he did, and Pierce was injured, so it doesn't matter.

I seem to recall Lumsden making a similar comment, and we all know how that turned out...

...i believe Buck has been in more games than Lumsden making him the iron-man of the two :lol: but yes they both have competed for glass-man of the league...I'm stickin with Buck to make a full recovery and carry on his career...Lumsden???? ...he's a great luger:roll:

I didn't realize Campbell played qb....AND with greasy hands :lol: ,,,Just kidding chief...I can't believe you'd bring Mr. Dropsey into the conversation :lol: I thought you'd like to forget him..By the way is he still on your roster or has he slipped away :roll:

Despite making mistakes in game, last year was his first year with any consistent meaningful playing time and he showed flashes of being a good QB in the league and can grow from his experience. I don't necessarily think they want to unload Jyles, unless there is something else going on behind the scenes that has not come out as of yet(see: the buck pierce presser last offseason, very unhappy camper). And I think the value they have placed on him shows they think highly of him - 2 upper round picks or a started and an upper round pick as rumored. I don't think it's so much that they believe Buck will play the entire season unscathed, though they may hope it. What it means I think is that Elliott has probably shown enough to be considered for the backup position, maybe despite what we saw on the field, they still have a high opinion of Brink and what he can do that they can rely on them if need be. This would be allow them to shop Jyles and see if they can get something in return to help improve the team. Basically they are looking to trade the backup/part time starter who is probably their most appealing asset in exchange for improving 2 canadian spots on the roster. And why would he be appealing to other teams? Consider - BC is so settled with their QB position behind lulay they are looking at Kerry Joseph and extended and invite to Stefan LeFors, w ho didn't even play last year. A new coaching regime in Edmonton has shown Mass the door and may not be as high on Zabransky as the prior regime. And for all the smack talk about the argos .500 season and post season victory, you cannot be so delusional as to not see that there is a lot, a lot of room to improve over what Lemon did last year. It was a struggle for him to pass over 200 yards a game in a passing league. And in all honestly, you take Boyd and Owens out of that lineup they finish dead last in the division. Those 2 players made huge plays for the team, gamechangers. If you didn't have them and you had to rely on Lemon to win the game, how does your season go? Go back and read what Barker said about Lemon after the season - that he would have to come back and compete for the job again this season, no guarantees. You don't hand over a job to a player who hasn't earned it and his words were those of a coach who isn't convinced he has the solution at QB for the long term.

And It will be forever known as the annual "Save the Bombers from Lapo & Mack" charity drive, with Mike Kelly as the keynote dinner speaker.

From what I saw of Jyles he has a very good up side.
In fact and if on the market, I hope the Argos trade for him as we desperately need a first string QB.