Bombers don't seem too interested in winning in 2011

I just read that they've been shopping around their Best current QB, Stephen Jyles..

so now it looks as if all they'll have is Mr. "I always get hurt" Pierce as their QB.

what a Joke!

enjoy the basement in 2011 Bombers.. :roll:

I guess it's a risky move, but they seem pretty high on Elliot. With that being said, I became a big Jyles fan last year, if his shoulder is 100% by Training Camp then he could be useful to a couple teams(Please don't trade him to Toronto). I don't think the bombers will get 2 high draft picks for him though. Maybe a good player and a late round pick.

Where'd you read this? This would be a huge mistake for Winnipeg.

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Here’s the link.

I'm honestly shocked at how muted the Bombers have been during the Free Agency. I really thought that they would try to break the bank and acquire Adrian McPherson or Jarious Jackson before they resigned. Buck Pierce and Steven Jyles aren't going to get the job done. Heck, I'd have even taken Quinton Porter over Buck Pierce (that is unless I was paying Pierce by the game as he will get injured again if he plays). A rookie QB isn't likely to do the trick either.

Oh just makes getting a playoff spot for Hamilton a lot easier.

Ed Tait usually knows what he's talking about but I would take that rumour with a lot of salt because Perry Lefko is also reporting it and we all know he is wrong about 99% of the rumours he reports. This is the second time Tait and Lefko have reported that the Bombers are going to trade Jyles. Nothing came of it the first time so now they are trying it again. Believe it when it happens.

The Bombers made offers to various players at the start of free agency but decided said players weren't worth the money they eventually signed for. As for Adrian McPherson, he wasn't a free agent. His contract wasn't up until after the 2011 season but he extended it for another year after that.

I think Jyles has more in him than he showed last year. Also how many times did they barely lose to teams who were susposed to be far stronger than them? I really don't think they need to improve much to do well.

I have a hard time following this rumour. Even Mack has to know that a backup QB is not going to fetch a first round pick and starting NI. Maybe they plan to spend their money on another QB and they are just fishing.

Where did it say anything about 1st round picks and a NI? Tait says "two draft picks or a starter and one pick".

I'm going to say it again - BELIEVE LEFKO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Tait may have a decent reputation but Lefko is almost always WRONG!

Sorry to double post but I couldn't edit my last one.

Lefko is claiming that the Bombers want "two high draft choices, or a draft player and a starter". This sounds a little close to what Mack said he would consider trading our first round pick for - 2 first round picks or an NI starter and a first round pick. Makes me wonder whether Lefko has taken various comments by Mack and others and put them together to make a new rumour.

And what the heck does Lefko mean by a "draft player"? If that's supposed to mean an NI who was drafted in the past then why not just say that. Or is the trade conditional on the team drafting the player the Bombers want - if that's the case then why not just trade the pick.

Well, if, and that's one big "if", these rumours have any merit. . . as in if this is really what Mack & company think they can get in a trade for Jyles, I suspect they are dreaming in technicolour.

Jyles has been a career backup. . . while he got substantial playing time as a starter in 2010, and his numbers were good, his win/loss record as a starter wasn't.

To expect a starter and a draft pick for a player with that resume is, I think, grossly over-estimating his value on the trade market.

This is particularly so because there is no team desperate for a starter at the QB position; Toronto should be but Barker's been pretty darn consistent about wanting to develop his own QBs and not picking up other teams' rejects. Some teams might be in the market for a backup QB, but there's no way you trade a starter and a draft pick for a backup.

It sounds like Jyles has a roster bonus coming due which seems to be holding up any trade for him. If Mack eats the bonus, I think you'll see him get his asking price for Jyles, if he doesn't I can still see him getting a couple picks from Tillman for Jyles, likely their 2nd rounder & 5th rounder.

Well Pigseye a 2nd and a 5th rounder for Jyles makes a heck of a lot more sense than a starter plus a draft pick.

Could this be another Kevin Glenn move?Not saying there's any evidence of this whatsoever, just putting it out there.If there are no takers and Mack does not want to eat the bonus, could Jyles like Glenn in the past just outright be released?
Released or not, i'd like the Cats to take a look at him, and if he's healthy enough give him the #2 spot over Porter.

MJ, we're normally on the same page, but I have to disagree with your stance on Jyles.

He only got his first chance to be a starter last season. It's too early to label him a career backup IMO.

. . . while he got substantial playing time as a starter in 2010, and his numbers were good, his win/loss record as a starter wasn't.
You and I both know that you can't pin wins and losses directly on the quarterback. If anything, his numbers indicate the lack of talent at his disposal, the coaching blunders of LaPolice and Baressi, and possibly the limits of the offensive system within which he was working. I'm not saying Jyles was perfect, but considering that it was his first year as a starter, he posted very impressive personal numbers which we shouldn't overlook. It's not his fault that Paul LaPolice tried to run a fullback trap on third and short late in a close game.

....Mack will get his asking price for Jyles mark my words....IF NOT.... no deal...Jyles is better than anyone currently on the argo roster....If they want to languish in last place in 2012... they can keep what they have :lol: Rumour is Reed/Tilman and company over there at the igloo may also be interested...We'll see :wink: As far as depth once Jyles goes....I really like this Elliot kid :thup:

This is getty funny. The Argos as of today are a .500 football team and knocked out the Cats and were light years ahead of the Bombers. Why would Toronto help Winnipeg get better ?

Well just so we're clear. . . I said Jyles HAS BEEN a career backup; I was not saying that he's condemned to be such for the entirety of his career. Only time will tell on that point.

And yes of course I agree that the win/loss record is not totally under his control. That said, I still think expecting to get a starter and a draft choice for Jyles is a price far too high.

Well I sure agree with that papa.

But my suspicion is that Jim Barker doesn't share our opinion, and his is the one that counts.

Were I to be in Barker's shoes, I would certainly call Mr. Mack and see what could be done, as I would think Jyles far superior to Lemon~Bell~Brannagan and worth considering. But still, I wouldn't offer him a starter off the Argos' roster plus a draft pick. Two draft picks, 2nd round and later? That'd be do-able.

..Well then Barker can stay with what he's got IF he doesn't want to give up some quality....Let's get one thing straight...we don't HAVE to trade Jyles...Where that one enters the equation i don't know....We are still within our cap ...(see no wild Kelly deals) we can still manage his salary quite well... We are dealing from a lot better position than in previous years... I think it would be best for all concerned to a deal for Jyles but someone is going to have to acquire him for a price...Whether that be a pic and an ni....or a pic and a top import remains to be seen... or 2 high pics straight up.....If we are dreaming in high be it....Alway pays to dream BIG :wink: