Bombers don't pull it off... Esks fans displeased!

What happened to the team today? We did our part to keep TO out of the playoffs this week with the win over MTL, but the Bombers don't pull off the usual 4th Quarter miracle to keep TO from closing back to 1 point for that last spot....

Not cool folks! :thdn: :thdn: :cry:

Quiet your giving them an excuse.

You got TO back to back, now go earn it. We already did you guys a favour earlier in the year. :wink: Two of them I believe.

wow u guys r really desperate. we didn;t pull off our 4th guater mircale only 2 td's and got within 8 points. We had a pretty rough game. congrats on beating mtl i hope u can do it again but you guys have to get yourselves in the playoffs not us.