Bombers dominate Riders to secure post-season berth

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers punched their ticket to the post-season and avenged their Labour Day Classic loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders with a 51-6 win on Saturday at IG Field.

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Total domination today. Wpg’s running game (O- line play) couldn’t be stopped. After saying that I think both teams are somewhere in the middle of their respective last two games. Bombers are definitely one of the top teams in the CFL.


As a Bomber fan, this was encouraging. Zach has two shaky starts coming off his neck injury but today he seemed back in full form. Hopefully he stays healthy the rest of the year.


I have to agree with Barker. Toronto is the top team in the league. However, there is not much of a gap between Toronto and Winnipeg. Agree with the panel. It’s a three horse race for MOP between Collaros, Oliveira and Kelly. No one else is in the conversation.

Olivera had more yardage than Saskatchewan. Olivera 211 v Saskatchewan 204.


Did I miss something? Did the Bombers acquire Brett Lauther at halftime and decided to play him as a receiver?


OK - great Winnipeg won the game - now let’s move on away from this topic for one brief moment…

I am tired of seeing on the CFL site the news story on Peter Robinson and what bad boy he was for hitting Collaros. Hells bells, they even got tired of talking about during their last game. I tried to state this on the news story, but it was so filled, it was impossible.

Come on CFL site managers, it is time to remove old worn out stories.

The only way to move on is for people to stop bringing it up (like Suitor did over and over…)


Who is Peter Robinson? Are you talking about Pete Robertson? If you are talking about Robertson, 90% of the talk has been to convince everyone that this wasn’t a dirty player and how sorry he was. For example, Suitor constantly talking about it during the broadcast even thought he said he wasn’t after the first time.

Only reason you are saying this is because it happened to a Bomber QB. If this had been a Riders QB, we would have to listen to the complaining all year long. You just have to remember the year that Collaros was knocked out for the season when he was hit in the head by Simoni Lawrence on the 3rd play. We had to hear about that ALL YEAR LONG.


Yup, you are right, I made a mistake with Robertson’s last name - so what? Big deal and chill - you obviously knew who I was referring to, so no harm done.

You are definitely wrong abut me being a Rider supporter or a Bomber destroyer - I am a Tiger Cat fan So your comment is meaningless. BTW, the Lawrence hit was a clean one and it was only talked about all year due to the whining of Winnipeg fans. However, it is time to move on.

If “it’s time to move on” why do you incite comment with cheap talk about “whining Winnipeg fans”?
And thanks for declaring your allegiance to the Cats. It makes clear your unreasonable defense of Simoni’s illegal hit on Collaros.

That and the fact Collaros was with the Riders for the Lawrence hit. Why would Winnipeg fans have been complaining about the hit all year long?


Oh Dibies - no need to thank me for showing my true colours - a proud Tiger Cat fan for sure. However, you have proven me right about Bomber fans ( or at least a small number of them) who a year later still go on whining about a hit on their untouchable QB - like as if no Bomber was ever guilty of such a thing. It is time for you to move on, like I am.

Oh OutFoxed, using the whatabout argument (“like as if no Bomber was ever guilty”) is so juvenile that it explains your accusing someone of whining when pointing out the truth.
Time to move on? You mean like you suggested you were doing two posts ago? LMAO

I wonder if some of the bitterness from A VERY FEW Ti-Cat fans about Lawrence’s hit on Collaros might stem from the fact that it set in motion the process that resulted in Collaros coming to WPG at just the right time for them to win three straight West playoffs and take two Grey Cup wins away from their team.
HAM’s current streak in the Grey Cup won’t last forever any more than WPG’s. When it does, be ready to congratulate them.


What some need to remember is that Collaros played for Hamilton prior to playing for the Riders or the Bombers and he and Lawrence are buddies. So all this talk about cheap shots and dirty play by Lawrence is only the negative hype that some of the whining Bomber fans still bring to the table.

You certainly do not know your history so the facts you claim as truth are very suspect.

The Bombers are very thankful for the spaciousness of the accommodation in your head.

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Pretty tiny space

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Well, not much room remaining considering the congestion of ancient CFL detritus.

Got his story wrong too.