Bombers deserve some respect.

I've gotta give the Bombers some respect for being very average.

A win against TO was expected. I was a little surprised that the Bombers barely squeaked out a win against a struggling backup QB.

And what was wrong with Glenn and Brazel? They couldn't get anything going.

Talking shit about the blue after we crushed you guys 46-10 I love it!

That’s good because after the butt whippin we gave you I’m not giving edmonton any respect

Only the 2nd team to win on the road this year.

against a team without a qb…and realy still living in the past LOL…i cant wait till we settle the score next week and show you jsut how lucky you got. other then our game you beat a team with a 3rd string qb…WAY TO GO.

a win is a win...

Living in the past LMAO! it was only one week ago.

"We are the grey cup champions blah blah blah," "We have made the playoffs 34 years in a row blah blah blah."

let them gloat

unless you are the Argos :twisted:

3 and 1 is better than 1 and 3.

The BOMBERS deserve that record and the ARGOS derserve theirs. :cry:

We need DAMON :thup:

im happy our next game is against the luckiest team in the league

played a team twice with a 3rd strign qb

and caught the best team on a abd day.

your luck will run out at commonwealth

thats not a win if your the argos...

Still hurtin from that butt whoopin eh?


That will be a tough one....but only because of playing 2 games in 6 days, while the Esks will be well rested. If the Bombers do pull one out though, what excuse will you have?

Living in the past =

their the grey cup champs

and your the eastern losers..and we will kick your ass around the park

46-10 whistles

hey at least for the rest of yuor season yuo can hold on to that win..kinda like hamilton last year, when they beat us 46-14, they had that to hold on to why we were kissing the cup.