Bombers Defense is terrible

The winnipeg blue bombers defense vs ssk was horrible. they allowed over 150 yds rushing.

yeah, what the heck happen? is this the same D that beat Toronto? I don't think so.

Gavin Walls is coasting. Canada is steady but unspectacular. Warner is adequate and Doug Brown is inconsistent.

for once the problem isnt really the secondary. Except maybe one or two big gains...

A defense can only be effective when EVERYONE is on the same page. It is obvious that the players haven't been on the same page since they were 5-2

Once the offense takes some of the pressure off the defence to win games they will be just fine. However, it is good see the coaches are going to shake things up a bit and play some hungry guys like Baggs.

I think we're going to see a much better game from them today. I'll predict the Rider's do not get 100 yards rushing.