Bombers defend Vick ??

In todays's Winnipeg local media several members of the Bombers defended Micheal Vicks actions. And some even entertained the suggestion that he would be welcomed on the Bomber roster. I cannot even imagine that anyone with any intelligence would have the nerve to defend Mr Vicks behaviour. Last year the Argos signed a dope addict. Which I thought was a low point. Now are we to believe that someone who gets his kicks abusing and killing dogs would be welcome in the CFL. As a resident of Winnipeg I am ashamed that Milt Stegall and Tom Canada would make any suggestion that this is okay and his good out weights his bad deeds. Winning at any costs ? I think not. It's time the CFL draw up a conflict of interest policy. If players are convicted of crimes and engage in behaviour that is detremental to the league then they should be kicked out of the league. As for the Bomber players defending this behaviour ,they should go back to elementary school to learn the difference between right and wrong.

I do not know but does anyone know that guys that have been banned in the NFL can not come to the CFL anymore. So why in the world would anyone think he could come here. Just maybe he could be a dog walker for Taman that is after he serves his jail term.

I believe that the CFL now honors NFL suspensions. If you can't play there, you can't play here.

Thats what I said Artie my friend.

You are correct.

How about NBA player (Steven???) Marlborough? Last night on an interview on CKNW, he was quoted as saying "Dog Fightings a Sport, and if its behind closed doors who cares?" I almost drove off the road when I heard that interview.

My God, this guy has an IQ of a door stop.

I really hope that nobody on Winnipeg (or any CFL team) made those comments.

Why would they say Vick would be welcome in Winnipeg when they've got Glenn at the helm? :expressionless:

Wow this guy would be poster boy for the very stupid!

How can it be considered a sport? We're not talking about boxing here. Until the dogs are able to say, "Yes, we'd like to fight!" it'll never be a sport. What a doorknob.

Sometimes I wonder how people think.......

I can beat that!
On the local talk radio station yesterday
One of the hosts actually said…
I hope you are sitting down for this…That Vick is a victim in this!

Stupidity just entered new heights! :roll: :roll:

I do believe that you are referring to Stephon Marbury gentlemen.

Can the op post the article?

There seems to be no shortage in stupid people in the world.

something about living too long in winnipeg tends to fry the brain. I spent the 80s there and have never been the same since

That made me laugh.

Yup Vick looks good in his pit bull skin nikes!

When Vick was first accused, Deion Sanders replied to the allegations. It was an interesting read... Doesnt justify Vick's actions, however. And keep in mind this was before the plea agreement was reached.

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First, let me say that I think that mistreating animals is just plain wrong. Second, since I do not have the information that others seem to have I can't make a call on what happened. In the Free Press, Stegall said that things are very different in the South. He lives there in the off season and he has not been one to make up stories. His take is that a Black high-profile person in the south will have a lot of time spent to try to find him guilty. Even if I sound like I would give him some slack, I would not welcome him into Canada. We are good, thank you very much.

"I try to send him a positive note every day, I want to make sure he keeps his head up." - Alge Crumpler (teammate of Vick's)

Vick has friends and teammates, probably some in the CFL, who want to see this situation handled appropriately, but also don't disregard him or dehumanize him. He will have people that stand with him, and people who stand against him. We all have those kind of people in our lives. As humans, we need people to stand with us no matter what. Vick has those people too. He is human. As a society we build up pro athletes and "A" list entertainers to excessive heights beyond comparison. Then we blame and chastize that athlete or celeb of ANY wrong doing they portray. We, as media, consumers and patrons of entertainment are the best at putting these folks on a pedastal, but in the same breath, we are the worst at forgivness of any minor or major slip up. How about we sit back and look at ourselves and how we mess up everyday, and how none of it makes the news media. This is not a situation that can be taken lightly by any means. Michael Vick is willing to deal with the consequences he receives. He also has friends that will support him through this and walk with him to see it through when he needs them most. The football world is small, Vick probably has friends outside the NFL. I for one do not know Vick personally, so I cannot disregard his charcter. I am glad he has friends and a support base. He will rebound, and face it, we all like the comeback kid.

Kman, the difference is any wrong doing we do isn't immediately all over the news (unless it's really bad). These guys as sports athletes have a responsibility to the fans because they're constantly under the spotlight. People see what they do every single day. These guys are household names. They're role models. Or, at least they're supposed to be.

I mean, I have no problem with these guys maybe getting into a little trouble. Hell, I've gotten into some trouble myself. But the man is accused of training dogs to fight and then killing them if they failed!