Bombers defend home turf with dramatic win

WINNIPEG — On the night of their banner raising, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers looked every bit the two-time defending Grey Cup champions in a gutsy 19-17 win over the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

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Given no season in 2020, perhaps the banner should have read "Back to Gap to Back"

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Quite a thread title. Makes it sound like they deserved the two points.

Did not cover.

My concerns about the Bomber offence still stand. Oliveira 10 carries for grand total of 17 yds. Augustine wasn't any better. Kicking - well 2/2 is a good sign but both in convert range so still don't know if this has improved. Brown looked good when he came in. Both teams looked rusty at times. Interested to see how the rematch goes.

Not exactly the kind of peformance I expect from a two-time Grey Cup winner,
Zack looked like he had layers of rust, and the defence was loose - spotty at best.

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The Redblack - tiger-cats - Masoli and Acklin exploded with a stunning aerial attack that was unbelievable. This dynamic dual could quickly become the talk of the league!


Anybody know the true attendance in Winnipeg today ? Looked like lots of empty seats , pretty pathetic considering they were celebrating the back to back cup win , they were far from loud most of the game , Ottawa offence destroyed the bombers D no cup this year in the peg

Absolutely right. Bombers lost Darby, Maston, Alford & Alexander in back end. Don't look so good back there, especially former All-Star Rose who was beaten by Holley in pre-season. This night it was Dubois beat him for a 54 yd passing play, Acklin for another 51 yds & had him beat again but dropped it. Glass got beat by Shaq Johnson for 20 yd TD then got PI late in 2nd quarter. And Rutledge, new SAM, got beat by Behar for 38 yds. So much for the vaunted Bomber D. Very lucky to escape with a win. Gave up a lot of explosion plays back there.

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Defiantly not the start we wanted. Nice to get the win. The Secondary NEED’S to be better. Offence needs consistency running the ball. Kudos to Ottawa for an insane game. Definitely not the same team as last year. Week 2 will be very interesting.


Bombers left a lot of room for improvement, but their first game of the year with more than a handful of starters still resulted in a win and giving up only 17 points, six in the second half, enough to win almost any game in the CFL. They recently lost Jeffcoat ( who had my vote for defensive MOP last year) and Maston and we knew Alexander wouldn’t be available. It also appeared that Rose, who was in a walking boot last week, should have been given the week off. Winning against a vastly improved team while not playing their best is the sign of a good team. I think the reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated.

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They will need to arrange group therapy for Rose and Glass. Fantasy Alert imo.

LOL, you know you've been the cream of the crop when you win and still the detractors come out dreaming of WPG misery.
Wasn't pretty, but all that matters is the 2 points. Last I check covering the spread doesn't mean squat. This is still a top team.


Well said. I consider it jealousy. And desperation. Of course the champs are finished after starting 1-0 and still in first place 15 weeks in a row. I envy the other teams. It’s not even worth engaging.


Attention Bomber fans:
Absorb some of the criticism. You may not think it's fair, and the easiest reaction is to claim everyone else is jealous. Granted, some or many will be happy to see the Bombers fail, but the typical ego responses don't shine well. Take the high road. :sunglasses:

They found a way to win, and that is the obvious mark of a good team, but they looked beatable last night. Welcome back to the real world. You all can go back to getting hugely excited when you win, rather than pounding your chests and yell, next!

You've been bagging your favorite lunches for the past couple of seasons, and yesterday you found a mushy pickle in the bag. Now, this is only the first game, and I'm sure you'll play against QBs - down the road - that don't escape the front seven the way Masoli did last night. Your lunch was still good.

Some of my questions regarding Bomber QBs - other than Zach - got answered. There is a little comfort expecting decent play from the 'chucker' when Zach misses time, and he will miss time. It's a long season.

Having your secondary be the somewhat weak link on defense is not the end of the world. Opposing teams still have to get the ball past the front seven, and that won't be easy. I thought the Bombers' D were more effective when they weren't blitzing. Let that front four do its thing and force the QB to have to get that ball over the linebackers. You'll get a good enough pass rush with that front four alone. Maybe not on every play, but overall opposing QBs will feel the heat. I'm not suggesting to never blitz, but you get what I mean.

Rose may not be 100% healthy, but he could have positioned himself better. But hey, that's football. He'll get some picks, and I would be inclined, as well, to protect the outside if I had linebacker teammates as he has.
You don't have Andrew making plays (all the time) that allow for all kinds of creativity on second down. Again, welcome back to the real world. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think, as well, that the Bombers played a pretty good football team last night.

Jon, every team is playing with starters missing. Ottawa lost Boateng, Ryan & Laing was injured in this game. Champs don't make excuses. That's why you have depth - or not. You're missing my point, being the questions I had with the Bombers are still there after this game in full view.

  1. Biggest concern going into this year is what I asked last year - can Collaros start 18 games & who replaces Medlock (Castillo, this year)? One run by Zach & the league sits him down. The only starting QB, despite his ask to play, was sat down by his team in preseason. All the questions answered? Leggio made 2 chip shots but missed 1 of 2 converts. Still questions.

  2. Who replaces Harris' production on offence? Brady & Johnny had 13 carries for 27 yards. Questions answered?

  3. Lastly 3 star DB's gone from backfield. That backfield was torched badly. Rose wasn't in a walking boot when Elk backup Holley hung 58 yds on him.

Leggio is NOT Castillo, your RB's are NOT Harris & you're not as good without Alexander, Maston & Alford as with them. Kinda obvious IMO. That was clearly on display last night. You're right - lots of room for improvement.


@cflcats , we have no problem absorbing critisism, especially from lastnights game. Not one of us is saying we played great, pretty much to a man we're all saying there's lots to work on. Every Bomber fan knows that we're in trouble if Zach goes down (feeling a little better on that front) and hoping that Leggs can grow into a great kicker.
What is very funny though is the group all rubbing their hands together praying that the Bombers run is over. 3rd place team? Missing playoffs? Wishful thinking. This is still a top contender, so sit back and enjoy the season.


Why is it hard to understand that the club has made the choice to grow these guys? No shit Leggs isn't Medlock, and BO/JA aren't Harris. But how about we give them a little time to see what they can do?


Who cares what people are praying for? That was kinda the message I was trying to get across. I even think back now to when I posted that and ask myself, why did I even bother with that? Why should I even care? And when you say "wishful thinking" you are somewhat implying that the Bombers have some divine right to the playoffs. Why? Because they're Grey Cup champions? They still have to win the games. No one is going to lie down and say, "Well it's the Bombers, here you go. Take what is rightfully yours."

And if third place is where they end up are you going to curse and complain? I'm guessing you won't. You'll be happy to be in the playoffs. Winnipeg did go through a long drought without a championship earlier, but that's no reason to expect every other fan or team to genuflect until the Bombers are actually de-throned.

The haters come out in droves when people boast about their accomplishments, and they double down on that hate when those accomplishments start fading while the same people still expect the same praise and glory.

I don't know. The Bombers may still walk away with the west division. There are still three west teams we haven't yet seen play their first meaningful game this season.

I know this much, if and when the Bombers drop in those TSN rankings the haters will come out from both sides. One side will be clapping while the other gets angry at what they deem to be disrespect.

Myself, when I played sports, I always loved being the underdog. Way more satisfying to win that way.

I will never understand this obsession with 'bragging rights'. But that's just me, no need for anyone to try to explain that. Some things I just don't care about.

Go Bombers Go! It was an entertaining game last night.


Many on here loved to put the Bombers down well before the B2B. So ya we're a little loud in response to the haters.
And yes, the 3peat is a divine right, so laydown and let us take it! :cowboy_hat_face: