Bombers defence makes a statement against the Riders

REGINA- The Winnipeg Blue Bombers shined on the bright stage of  Mark’s Labour Day Weekend at Mosaic Stadium Sunday night as they held the highest-scoring offence in the league to just eight points, winning 23-8.

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"Statement" yeah right whatever "statement". If the Bombers lose next week will that also be a "statement"?

Hats off to the Bombers D. They were totally dominant.

I think many were expecting a defensive battle but nobody was expecting the Riders to be held to 258 yards net offense, 65 yards rushing and just 8 points with zero TDs. The Winnipeg D kicked some serious ass today. They showed everyone how it's done.


You haven't scored a TD against us in the last two games you faced us. 2021 LDC, and 2019 WCF game. The best team, and best offence up to now, got spanked by the Big Bad Blue, and reaffirmed the Bombers D as best in the league

It was almost as rare as a Bomber Grey Cup championship. The Green Machine is a good team, they'll bring it in the banjo bowl

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Most certainly the Bombers D was dominant, so was Harris, so was Zach, and the rest of the O too for that matter. Next game aside, Because the Stamps should have meat the Bombers,I bet the bombers to man are looking to play the Stamps again. Just to serve notice on them that they will dominate the Cow town squad too.

If anyone knows about rarity of winning grey cups it is the green machine, they’ll bring it next week but if your a rider fan that is the worst dig, you have won four grey cups in total for the whole time you have existed in the cfl.

Rare, lol. 11 Cup wins to a measly 4 for the Riders. Green suck and can have the Labour Day. (Except 2 of the last 3, lol). Winnipeg wins games resulting in Trophies (Banjo Bowl and Grey Cup).