Bombers defence has big night in win over Argos

TORONTO — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers escaped BMO Field with their first win in Toronto since 2018 in a 23-22 win over the Toronto Argonauts on Monday night.

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'Escaped' is exactly what we did.

Toronto did everything a team could possibly do to give the game away in the first half. If not for Andrew Harris the Argos would've rolled over and sunk with all hands too embarrassed to come up for air.

Credit our defense for taking advantage of so many turnover opportunities and thank you Bede for missing that convert at the end. While we did not deserve to win this one we will not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Sorry Andrew Harris. Our record is still perfect and you deserved better but it is what it is.


I agree. Lady luck was definitely helping out the Bombers in this game. However, every game has a portion of luck. The Bombers got good luck while the Argos got Bad luck. But in the end a win is a win. Next time the Bombers may get the Bad luck. Hope they enjoy the moment now because it won't last (I hope) :smiley: LOL :smiley:


MBT gifted two interceptions in the first half (I swear he was aiming at Rose not his own receiver) and had some bad luck in the second bouncing the ball off his receiver practically in the end zone. Winnipeg's defense played good but got burned deep in man press and in the middle in weak zone coverage. Having Jeff and Jeff pressure the QB only works so many plays without a good DB core which doesn't look like Winnipeg has this year beside Rose.

Very well said Max I commend your writing skills. :writing_hand: My dream ending had Andrew Harris running into the end zone for the 2 point convert.

P.S. You know the old saying-You got to be good to be lucky, and lucky to be good. :rofl: Where is Bede hiding :question: :upside_down_face:

"Bombers defence has big night in win over Argos". When you give up 426 yds of offence, 150 more than....the Argos....and McBeth??? When you give up five 1st downs, a TD in 1:30 on the final drive & have to rely on a Bede missed convert? When you blow a 17 point lead? Shutdown D? Uh, no.

What's becoming a weekly thing is the Oliveira/Augustine duo had 8 carries for 27 yards. Must have been tough to watch Andrew Harris on the other side. To quote John Hodge,

"Winnipeg’s once-dominant running game has slowed to a crawl through four games this season." No kidding. Surprising? Uh, no.

Well on to next game. Battle of the unbeaten. After beating up on Eastern teams, next 4 vs the West, 3 away. Should be a real test. We'll see if they can continue to give up big yardage & win the close games. More power to them if they do. :sunglasses:

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Not having a proper run game is going to hurt down the stretch and those close games Harris was able to run out in previous years might end up as close loses instead. In a very competitive west that could mean a very hard playoff run.

That was actually the first decent game Rose played. Their best DB, if not the best in the league, is Nicholls.

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And Houston looks to be the next good DB we uncover.
No worries there. These Rider/Stamp fans are just pumped that they actually have a chance to beat us this year! Time will tell whether they can man up or not....

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Anyone thinking anything else is delusional.
Lastyear they could've just handed WPG the cup in July. I think any level headed fan knows anything can happen this year.

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MBT gifted Winn with 14 points & they needed every one of those points to scratch out out a victory they didn't deserve. TO was clearly the better team last night, BBs offense was anemic, showing no aggressiveness or imagination, & their defense, apart from some big plays, looked porous, & when crunch time came the bend but don't break defense broke. Despite being 4-0 this is clearly not last years juggernaut team & will have to battle the pack for position now.

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I don’t think you can say Winnipeg didn’t deserve to win. They dominated the first half arguably more than Toronto outplayed them in the second half. The unusual thing was that Winnipeg was outplayed in the second half. I can’t remember when that happened last in a meaningful game. 2019? If I wasn’t a Bomber fan that is the biggest victory I would take away from last night’s game. At least they are better than Calgary.


The Bombers defense played to win in the first half, but the offense was nowhere to be found. The pick by Rose was practically gift wrapped and the Bombers offense struggled all night (at least 3 different passes out to the flats were read perfectly by the Toronto defense it was surprising they kept going to that passing route). I hate the "didn't deserve to win" as the defense kept them in it but that offense was not great aside from a few good passes up the middle and the run game was non existent.
What I do think is that Toronto deserved to win that game and had some ridiculously bad bounces (the one pass that bounced off the receiver 5 yards from the goal line right into Winnipeg's hands) and weird issues with their center not knowing how to snap the ball (or bouncing the snapped ball off the head of a receiver) or a extra point somehow being missed. Overall Toronto played a better 60 minutes of football but they just couldn't pull out the win.

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Well I said it & I meant it so...:slightly_smiling_face:. You're lucky to walk out of TO with 2 points, I would say. And you're still better than a bunch of teams so no one needs to panic. Do you still think you deserve the top spot in the power rankings? Given the current stats that has to be BC now, 3Down agrees with me there. We hammered TO & you barely snuck past them. The next few weeks are going to be a dogfight for first place. Excellent.

Bombers had the luck as well as the refs. Can't personally confirm this but a friend of my brother in law's couzin, heard from a friend of a friend that there was an exchange of currency between a Bomber staffer and ref prior to game

Plain to see, Porky - luck. Bombers are 4-0 vs the East. The 3 teams they've played are 0-5 vs the the other West clubs. Bombers offence has scored 87 pts, 4 pts more than only the hapless Elks in the West. So the East has kept the Bombers to 22.75 pts/game. Those same teams have allowed 170 pts over 5 games to those same 3 clubs or 34 pts/game. In other words, while the other Western clubs have been beating up Hamilton, Ottawa & Toronto, the Bombers are squeaking along. To make things worse they've allowed 1509 yds on D & put up 1230 on offence vs THE EAST who keep tripping all over themselves. Collaros with 4 TD passes in 4 games vs the dismal East? ONE rush over 10 yds by the dynamic duo?

Do they deserve to be #1? Seriously? Spin it any way you want but everybody's beating the East. We're going to see if they still got it in the next month. If they do, then I'll believe it. :sunglasses:

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Well 4-0 is 4-0, & that's all that matters in the standings, I'll give them that. Like you say the quality of their wins leaves a lot to be desired. It's a happy thing for me that they aren't going to running away with first place like last year.

I agree that the Winnipeg offense generally stunk and that the defence kept them in the game, at least until they became exhausted. It was such a close game that either side could have won so I am not giving the edge to anyone.

I didn’t see bad luck on Toronto’s part any more than Winnipeg’s part. The Bombers lost an excellent starting linebacker in the first half. Bad luck. At least the Argos were smart enough not to throw anywhere near Nicholls. Not catching a pass, muffing snaps and shanking a convert (would have been OB on a golf course) was just poor execution. McBeth tossing up two turkeys was poor decision making, especially the second one that no pro QB should ever have thrown. The Bombers had much poor execution as well. In the end it was the turnovers that made the difference, aside from the missed PAT. You could also say the interception turned TD was bad luck for the Bombers, but I’m not whining about that. I thought it was an IT but whatever call was made on the field wasn’t going to be overturned. Those calls are part of the game.

I won’t repeat my detailed reasoning on why the Bombers should be ranked #1 until they lose, but I remain of that opinion. I don’t think we will have to wait very long to see them fall from that perch. As of today I can’t see a tired and hurt Bomber team that has to travel across the country with one day of practice beating BC.

We'll disagree on that, but if you win this weekend I'll be agreeing with you once more. Actually if you lose then it sounds like we'll still be agreement. :sunglasses: