Bombers defeat Stamps in battle of unbeatens

WINNIPEG — Calrton Agudosi caught a pair of touchdowns in his CFL debut to lead the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to a 26-19 win over the Calgary Stampeders in a battle of unbeatens on Friday night.

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This wasn't a good night to be on the O side of the ball ! Hitting by D on both sides brutal. Both QB's played A+ but Zac has that uncanny ability to know when to vacate the pocket and his side arm throws while running are becoming legend. And Blue always seem to bring a receiver out of the woodwork that is outstanding. Who misses Davin Adams .. not Blue

Big players show up in big games, and WJ, ZC, GE, all had their best couple weeks.
Statement game again. Muscle flex! :muscle:

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If Bo is A+, then Zak is A++
To be honest tho, the supporting cast for Bo took a lot of dumbass penalties

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Zach is now 23-1 as a Bomber in games he plays.
WPG starting to put a little distance between themeselves and the pack again.

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Well that answered a few questions, didn't it?

??? Mitchell was 43%, under 200 yards and a pick.