Bombers defeat Riders for a second-straight Banjo Bowl title

WINNIPEG —  A trio of rushing touchdowns by Sean McGuire secured the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ second-straight Banjo Bowl title after defeating the Saskatchewan Roughriders 33-9.

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Bombers took this Bowl Game with force… well done.

Next game and I can’t believe I would say this but “go Stamps”

This is Sean McGuire's best game as a Bomber. One pass for 50yds... three rushes for 3 touch downs... a job well done. The rest of the Bombers did a pretty good job too. Just ignore that messy bit with the ejections and I think EVERYONE'LL be happy with this year's Banjo Bowl outcome. :smiley: :+1:

5 rushing TDs in the past 2 games....not too shabby! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Gotta give him top marks for efficiency and that short yardage call was highlight reel material (Buck Pierce FINALLY did something tricky). MORE of that please! :grin:

Also loved the deep strike to Demski on the short yardage play....more of that please!

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Great. Luckily our coaches LOVE fan input. We'll have to put our requests in Buck's suggestion box. I think it's located next to his desk above the paper shredder.

Speaking of 'shredders', I think our defense did a great job taking the Riders apart today. Willie Jefferson's 100th CFL game was devastatingly disruptive as per usual:

Everyone gets a pat on the head.

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