Bombers Dealt a Blow

Just noticed on the Score that Barrin Simpson is gone for the season with a torn pectoral muscle

better for us:S
who really cares

That's a big loss for the Bombers. The East just got a lot softer fot the other 3 teams.

An Argo-Cat fan

great way to show compassion..

I wish Simpson a speedy recovery. He is a great person and is well respected all over the CFL. He really looked in pain.

Enjoy the basement, Bombers.

Assuming we're moving on up.

Normally I don't wish ill on any player or person but in this case??? I watched that game and Simpson had the opportunity to drive the player out of bounds on the sideline. But instead he chose to go for a head shot with his forearm and now is sitting out the rest of the season. Essentially he lost his cool and is paying the price for trying to make a point on the opposing player.

Wallace, thought the same thing while watching the game. Simpson seemed to want to punish the ball carrier or make a point and get his team going I guess. I thought he was going to get a penalty for the headshot. He put a little bit extra into for sure and it ended up costing him.

The guy in Winnipeg that gets on my nerves is their cocky Head Coach Doug Berry.

I am starting to hate the Bombers almost as much as I hate the Argos.

it feels so good not being last place..
Hopefully he gets better great player!!