Bombers DB's

They looked pretty impressive in the 4th quarter. If Bruce catches that last pass for a first, may have been a different ending. Still, their DB's seem to have our number at crunch time.

AB3 was smothered and when he was relatively free he would look away just as the ball hit his hands.

The Bombers D was always very good ..
They played us Hard last year
I expect nothing less.

There DB's where outstanding last night

They maybe good, but the Cats offence certainly helped them along with bad passes and dropped catches....

And this is pretty much why the tabbies lost. I posted this elsewhere, but check out the 2nd half of this video to see just how good Suber was that game.

"Alex Suber was a monster in this game", said Duane Forde. He owned Bruce. (BTW, Duane Forde is great!)