Bombers D

I would say depth might currently be thin due to all the injuries.

We’ve had an extended IR right from pre-season. Once healthy bodies start coming back, more hard decisions will have to be made ala DJ Lalama.

I’ve got no problem giving Walters & company credit for bringing in the players & implementing the culture for those players to succeed.

As for tonight I’d like to see us get back to stuffing the run like we did the first few weeks. Hopefully we can keep the air damage to under 250 & 50 on the ground.

The only stats I care about are in the standings. Games won and lost of course but also Points for and against. We are 2nd in points for and most important to me, we are 2nd in least points against. Not too shabby in my books… I really don’t care if the enemy had 500 yards against us if we won the game.

True, and ultimately the W is the goal. I’m just setting some standards (stats) to achieve to get that W.

If they did get 500 yards against us, could you imagine the naysayers then? :o

Reilly finishes 177 yards in the air, 53 on the ground for White (though 67 total on the ground for BC). Still under 250 even if you add in Carter’s throw of 56 yards. They almost fully delivered what you hoped for, but I enjoyed that performance.

I don’t think anyone could complain about those stats - great job by the D.

That Hecht sack made me cringe…The Willie pick made everyone in WPG jump out of their seats!

Another game, more injuries though…hopefully Roh isn’t hurt too bad and Nichols, well this isn’t a O thread but man that sucks.

The D and the scheme by Hall were brilliant. And so many wanted him fired.

Having Jefferson drop back into coverage was terrific. More and more we are seeing the end of the “rush the QB only” defensive end.

But yeah the injuries are tough to take. They happen to all teams of course but the piling on of Nichols over the course of 2 seasons by fans makes one remember what Karma means.

But this team is VERY good in all 3 facets and shows the value in continuity.

Yep, firing on all cylinders. I enjoyed watching the D last night. They were pumped and having fun.

Credit has to go to Kyle Walters. He’s built a team, player talent and depth-wise, that rivals Calgary’s. As for the rest of the organisation, I have my doubts, but hey, I’ll take 8-2 any day.

One of the few times the D looked bad was on that flea flicker by Carter. Totally sucked in on that one.

Yeah, at least we’ll get a better look at Streveler and maybe McGuire. It’s time to see if we’ve got a better QB than Nichols. We just might be pleasantly surprised. Of greater concern to me is Lapo. Guy is simply nutty with his play calling.

…Lapolice is going to have to scheme around the positive attributes of Streveler…He can’t expect him to be Nichols II…just won’t work…What I am looking forward to is seeing Streveler and Harris in designed running plays for both …Something I’m looking forward to but something the opposition sure as heck isn’t…Both can wear any D line down in the course of a game…will be an interesting watch

Man, I wish there was more info/updates on the status of our injured players >:(

We need guys back on the active roster…leaders like Alexander & Jeffcoat. Humes & Rios for proper depth.

Who went down last game? Matson & Roh good to go vs esks?

Still little word on Roh. I feel he is underrated as he provides great depth as a backup (although he was pushed into a starters role). He also provides leadership and helps pump the team/fans up.

We could really use him Friday.

If not, well next man up (McCallister) yet again.

Its a damn good thing Richardson & Nevis (and Thomas!) have been rock solid in the middle

In the secondary hopefully Maston is back, he had a pretty good 1st game last week.

Still waiting on Alexander, Humes and Rios (who is getting close apparently)

Now who’s talking about depth? And then to have them play at a championship level.

Challenging for sure, but people are paid to do just that.

Off topic but; Watching Calgary last week and they always show Huff in the booth with whom I assume is his wife as it would be dumb to take the girlfriend to a place where they are on national tv. Anyway… got to thinking she might be a pretty sharp gm herself given the chance. Would not surprise me.

For what it is worth, I am of the opinion the Bombers underestimated their O line depth in pre season and started the season overly optimistic in trying three and now four and five first year guys. I would have added a quality starter but possibly there was no money available. Couture has been the best of the bunch so far. Either way the troika is scrambling and adding an import is the fastest solution and they need it soon imo. We’ll see if they play Na’ty Rodgers.

Well there is no denying all the injuries are stretching the depth thin, but they are on the roster and when healthy we are deep at almost all positions.

Tough games coming up, we’ll need the D to step up.

…Great minds, think alike…Not ours joe, but I was thinking the same thing exactly when they showed both of them hunkering down in the booth…She’s been at Huffers side for what seems to be his entire career as gm…She must know a few tricks in the general managing position by now just watching the master…What’s the old saying…behind every great man is a great woman…Who knows she might just ply the trade somewhere

The D seems to be doing quite well even with all the injuries. Really liking the look of WJ, Kongbo andMcCallister and the havoc they will create.

Yes, and we’ll have to hope those 3 can be a pain in TH’s side today. Have to get at him if we are to take this game.

Hopefully we can limit the big gains, and hold them to FG’s again. :slight_smile:

Well, so far so good thru 30. D getting pressure, turnovers, and stuffing the run.
Again Edm can only get FG’s.

Gotta keep it coming!

LOL, who cares about yards if you can’t punch it in? Twice now…what was the total, like 13 times in the redzone over 2 games - and 13 FG’s! Crazy! 8)

Rios though at the end tho…wrong time to take a nap man!

Roh & Maston should be back for the LDC…lets stick it to those green guys!