Bombers D

Secondary has had its weak moments & critics…but man, 34 straight possesions with giving up a TD…that is impressive! :o

How long can we keep Toronto off the board?

Two quarters I’m guessing.


Yep and the calls were loud to run Richie Hall out of town not long ago.

This is why I’m always very slow to demand coaches get fired.

AT the same time, I’m not ready to pump Hall’s tires either. I think we’ve been pretty lucky to hold the other team at critical times, mostly due to brutal drops on their part as oppossed to us having a shutdown D.

Still, I think this run is pretty crazy…9 quarters with no TD against the D…when’s the last time that’s happened in the league?

I think we play too much ‘zone’. That’s what I see anyway. When we play ‘man’ we can shut down anyone. I don’t understand the reasoning of letting a team waltz down the field. It gives them confidence and sometimes points…You’re right about us being lucky due to enemy pass drops.

“Man” is a tough D to play in the CFL. D backs and some LB will have their backs to the QB and guarding a receiver who has a running start who you can’t touch. Very tough.

In zone, defenders are playing facing the QB, able to react and limit the damage, help out and with greater chance at a turnover.

CFL rules really don’t allow many shut down guys to exist anymore.

Pretty darn close!

Still haven’t given up a convert in 10 Q’s :wink:

…IF only we could come up with a Roberson…they do exist…the problem is finding them

On an entry level contract yet. Roberson’s deal likely up at the end of the year so we’ll see what happens there.

Ronnie Yell still listed as a FA but probably too much money.

Not sure why they moved on from Brian Walker who seems to be well liked in Edm.

Forgot about McGloster on the practice roster when talking about the O line yesterday until Wumper mentioned his name. 6’ 7", 329 lbs so he has the size. Not sure how they would get him on to the roster for an in game situation but he is there if either OT has an issue and can’t start.

Your kicking butt and taking names in the pick’em papa. Thought I was going to pick up a game with Montreal but gave it back with Calgary. Next week soon come though.

Temple out, Korey Jones in.

More experience. I’d call it an upgrade.

Bombers seem more open minded about bringing guys in this year which is encouraging to me.

Expecting to see Bighill, Wilson, and Gaitor at LB this week unless I missed some news.

No’Shea was himself on The Coach’s Show last evening.
I’m starting to appreciate his style.
He is a terrific poker player, gives few clues as to what he’s up to.

“They are all professionals, he’s working hard, its a tough game,
he should be ready to go Friday, he may need a bit more time,
haven’t talked to the trainers yet”, and on and on.
In his life after WBBFC he can be a straight man on a late night TV show.

This Friday he’s 5-0, and with that he can spin it as he chooses.

What’s up with Bighill? Another game where I’m only noticing him for bad reasons, 3 weeks in a row now. Way too much stuff opening right in the middle. I’d actually say we did better as a unit without him, and I know that is a crazy thought!

I noticed that compresser around his nech last week and saw an article about it. He’s testing it out for concussion safety. Apparently it retains just a bit of blood in the brain to help cushion impact.

I wonder if it is affecting him on the field?

You may have a point here.

I thought the Bombers’ D line owned Calgary’s O line; in the secondary Sayles was a beast; but yes, Bighill seemed to be MIA a lot of the time.

Well I’m just glad that the defense play the way they could. They just had a bad day against Toronto with also the rest of the team not performing. Just a really good bounce back against Calgary. Well done to all the coaches and players for a game well played.

You’ve already got one, papa. . . Winston Rose, he of 6 interceptions to Roberson’s 5.

Looking like this (Rose) was our biggest signing this year…

Humes now on the 6 game too, Joining Alexander from the secondary

So we’ll roll Rose/Sayles/Hecht/Maston/Fenner

Would love to get out of a game without losing a starting player…

I feel this shows our depth and ability… Now who gets the credit for that ?

I like to give credit where it’s due.

Happy that they are able to fill out the lineup but it’s not exactly an All Star secondary with Fenner, Maston, and Hecht covering the field side. Gaitor helping. Sure they are good and will do their best but opposing teams are looking their way.

Next up is likely Derek Jones spelling Hecht or filling in for injury. If Reilly gets time he puts up an easy 300 yds. Bombers will have too out score them if they can’t get to M.R. Would be nice to see the offence do that instead of special teams but wins are wins either way.

Reality is depth is thin across the board due to the big contracts and continuing to build the team through free agency.

Lucky to have Andrew Harris way more so than Kyle Walters imo and that is giving credit where it is due.