Bombers Cut Wilbur

8) One of the noteable cuts that the Bombers made today was former TiCat, Eric Wilbur.
   Considering that he missed that 37 yd. game winning field goal, there isn't much doubt why he was released !!

    How ironic that another TiCat reject, Justin Palardy, beat him out for the job.  Obviously Palardy's NIP status was the 
     big factor here.  Honestly, I would take Palardy any day over Wilbur, regardless of their Import status !!!

Wilbur was actually released the morning after he missed the 37-yarder to the, if you know Winnipeg, airport side of the uprights. It was a sign.

They will probably grab Maveety, they love TiCat kickers. At least for a little while. :wink:

As. I recall Palardy asked for his release from the TiCats to return to school. Almost immediately he was on he Bomber roster.

Clearly Wilbur is a punter first, a placekicker second.

A pretty good down field tackler as well!

Strange that last year at this time, it seemed to be a close decision between Wilbur and Medlock and look at the season that Justin went on to have here.

What a difference a year can make!!!!

8) Not true. Palardy never asked for his release at all. His poor punting, led to the Cats bringing in Eric Wilbur, and
  Palardy was cut.  

  You are right in the fact that Winnipeg picked Palardy up immediately.

   Palardy was not given a chance to even try field goals or kickoffs in Hamilton !!!
   That's because of a certain free agent signing that the Cats were relying on that season !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->