Bombers cut QB Quinn

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Brendan Taman had a good day and a bad day yesterday.

On one hand, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers GM had to do the dirty work of cutting quarterback Mike Quinn.

On the other, three of his negotiation list quarterbacks -- Rohan Davey (Arizona Cardinals), Lang Campbell (Cleveland Browns) and Bryan Randall (Atlanta Falcons) -- were waived by their respective NFL clubs.

So one 32-year-old quarterback has left town, and another younger pivot could be arriving as early as next week.

"We still have a couple hurdles to step over yet, but it's a good start," Taman said of the NFL cuts.

Quinn looked good in his lone relief appearance in early July, but he completed only 26 of 52 passes for 239 yards, two touchdowns and five interceptions in his two starts, both of which were losses. He also had two fumbles.


"He didn't play as well as we wanted in those couple games, but to say it was his sole fault wasn't probably accurate," Taman said. "But this is also something that we need to do for the future."

Quinn almost guided the Bombers to victory on Friday night against the Toronto Argonauts, but an ugly interception with 1:27 remaining that led to the 18-15 loss apparently sealed his fate.

"It's unfortunate," Taman said. "A play here or a play there and we still might be talking about him, but that's the way the business is sometimes."

Quinn's departure means Brad Banks moves from No. 3 to No. 2 on the depth chart and Ryan Dinwiddie becomes the third-stringer.

No. 1 pivot Kevin Glenn, who has been out since Aug. 4 with a knee injury, is expected to start against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in Sunday's Labour Day Classic, according to head coach Doug Berry, but Taman isn't so sure.

"We're hoping Brad and Ryan can still function if they are called upon to do so, which could be this week," Taman said. "It's not Kevin or bust, but with Mike here we were sort of spinning our wheels a little bit.

"So it's time to make a change on who the No. 2 is."

That's the short-term move. The long-term plan involves bringing in an NFL cut, whether it's Davey, Campbell, Randall or someone else. Whoever it is, Taman would love to have him in Winnipeg next week.

"It's almost like a first-come, first-serve," Taman said when asked which pivot he prefers. "Whoever wants to grab it, they're more than welcome to take it.

"I really like Randall, but he's the younger of them all and he's probably got more upside of any of them. His availability might not be as good as, let's say, Davey.

"And if Davey calls me tomorrow and says 'I'm coming,' well, thank you."

Davey, 28, appeared in seven games with the New England Patriots between 2002 and 2004 and signed with Arizona late last year. Taman said that experience might mean he's exhausted all of his practice roster eligibility.

Therefore, he may be more willing to come north than Campbell, 24, and Randall, 23, who should both still have practice squad eligibility remaining.

"At this stage, as choosy as we want to be, in some ways we can't," Taman said. "... We'll wait for the next 24 to 48 hours to see how it all shakes out."

Taman is also keeping a close eye on Pittsburgh Steelers camp, where two more of his neg list quarterbacks, Shane Boyd and Omar Jacobs, are battling for roster spots.

LATE HITS: The Bombers also released SB Scotty Anderson yesterday. He didn't have a catch Friday in his one and only game with the club. When asked why he was cut, Taman said, "We watched the film." ... The Bombers expect to have SB Milt Stegall back on Sunday, and SB Andrae Thurman will return to the lineup in Anderson's spot ... OL Matt Sheridan (groin) is expected to miss three weeks.

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I totally believe Dgod.

They could have saved the hassle of releasing Quinn by not even picking him up! ouch. Looking forward to seeing what these other three will bring, hopefully not more of the same.