Bombers cut Ike Charlton

Great news for us. Their defence is in shambles.

Joe Lobendahn could be next, he has had couple bad games now. They've got some questions at linebacker and maybe a couple in the secondary but their D-line is still a force.

What a novel idea ........... remove the problem and secure an adaqate replacement. Someone pass this on to Marcel and Marshall.

Wow! And last week they cut Dogget. They seemed high on him last season and were patiently waiting for his release from Pittsburgh so that he could re-join the team this season.

Since no one has said it yet Bring him to Hamilton.. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I wish the cats got the memo, if a guy sucks cut him...

Terrence Jeffers-Harris is out 2-3 weeks with a high ankle sprain, which means we won't be seeing him in these next two games.
So pay some extra attention to Edwards and watch Bowman and Ralph drop every ball that comes their way. :smiley:

Can't stand Ike. You can count on us signing him for that reason alone lol

Edwards and Bowman will have a filedday with Shivers in his usual chase mode. Bombers will destroy the Cats until the problem (Shivers) is permanently fixed. Insert Wicks.........................

I guess you forget Shivers played week three against Edwards?

FYI cat fans, Chris Davis was taking first team reps in practice today for TJH. His first action of the season coming against his old mates, could be quite the story line there.

8) Try passing it on to Obie !!
 He's the man in charge of getting (BETTER IS BETTER) replacements, you know !!!

He still has a soft spot for Hamilton, can't wait to see him back.He came over after the last game and the fans applauded him and he was very thankful.Also looking forward to seeing Ralph return, he's very fun to bother :twisted:

Its easy to get on Ralph, he gives you a lot of amo with his bad play.