Bombers cut 5, Logan put on DL

From today's Sun:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Saturday released five players, put one on the disabled list and signed another.

Starting safety Ian Logan was put on the disabled list, but the team didn't disclose the specific reason. Players are put on the disabled list when they are suffering from injuries that are not football related.

The Bombers also signed former Hamilton Tiger-Cats fullback Andre Sadeghian, and released five players to get to the required roster limit of 68 for the start of main camp on Sunday: linebacker Henti Baird, receiver Chris Ioannides, running back Guillaume Senecal, offensive lineman Darren Hinds and defensive lineman Justin Shaw, who was with the Blue and Gold in 2009.

Quarterback Stefan LeFors, who isn't reporting to camp but hasn't officially retired, will be put on the team's suspended list as soon as he misses the first mandatory team meeting on Saturday night.

It doesn't say what Logan's injury was but back in January when he was on vacation (can't remember the country but IIRC it was in the Pacific Rim area of Asia) he suffered some burns to both legs. He was on the beach watching a demonstration of a local dance that involves ropes that are on fire. Some of the tourists can try and one of them tripped on a rope and it went flying and hit Logan in the legs. I don't know if that is why he was put on the DL but it's a possibility.

also suspended lefors. or will be once he officially doesnt show up today. logan i hear has a minor thumb injury.. nothing serious tho apparently.

Not surprised by any of those names like I was with Hall.

Too bad for Logan, but now someone else gets an opportunity.

....nope.....NO surprise cuts as of now.....ceptin' Hall.....I hope Logan is alright....if it's just a thumb....he'll get of my favourites....AND if he ain't ready to go when the the season breaks.... blueblood, i'm gonna light my hair on fire... :rockin:

I hope it is a thumb and not problems from the burns. If it is a thumb then he likely won't miss any regular season games. Depending on what the injury is he could likely play with it taped.

i think logie will be fine.. he's probably the starting safety, he's a vet, knows hia role and what to do back there.. probably just put on dl to heal up so he's healthy for game 1 plus i mean why not put em on dl, since he's the expected starter, that way u can take alot at others also. i think we'd be ok with browne back there if need be tho but hope ian logan heals up quick.

logans injury is not football related so could be from the burns he suffered. hodgkinson said he doesnt think it will be long term tho.

Update on Ian Logan from the Sun:

The Bombers could have Ian Logan back on the field in a couple of days.

Head coach Paul LaPolice revealed on Sunday that Logan, the team’s incumbent starting safety, reported to camp with what is believed to be a muscle strain in his neck.

That’s why the 27-year-old failed his physical on Saturday and was placed on the disabled list.

“We’re just going to give it a little bit more time,? LaPolice said.

ya i saw that and sort of breathed a sigh of a logan fan for sure.. canadian and a big hitter :slight_smile: