Bombers Crush Esks

Now that's more like it...

Looking more like last week in Hamilton was an aberration. 3 good games and 1 crappy one.

Didn't see anything glaring that I didn't like today ('cept maybe the blocked field goal).

Everyone came to play today. It was good to see.


Firing on all cylinders. Hopkins looks like a keeper - Smith might have to worry about getting his job back when he's healthy again. Great punt return by JJ!! All the receivers did a great job. Nice to see Reid get more touches. Great game for the Bombers!!

Funny you mention Hopkins...I was just thinking that! Any idea how long Smith is supposed to be out?

Great game! I remember the days when every team had 2 bona fide QBs . With the way Jyles is playing and when Buck gets back, I think we'll have a real 1-2 punch. That was fun to watch. Hopkins did have a good game.

Hey Dan!!! How are ya?

I was quite impressed with the team today! Poor Brandon Stewart got robbed on that bogus Roughing the passer call...

Nice to know we have somebody in the bullpen. Been a long time since we had a quality backup like that!

The papers said 4-6 weeks for Smith.

Unfortunately it wasn't a bogus call. Looked like Maas was hit above the shoulders and it doesn't matter if it's incidental, accidental or a feather-light touch - it's a penalty.

Agree about our QB situation. We are pretty solid.

Now i'm hoping that Obie and Macocia can strike up a deal to save what's left of our dignity.
Congrats on the win guys, you proved you're still a force in the East.

Sigh...I know. :wink:

Just another thing I wish they were consistent about...(ie: the noncall when Lemon got pasted long after the ball was gone this week)

Campbell for Bruce? :lol:

Good thing you put the :lol: or there might've been a problem here :wink:

Esk fans seem to want him released though, so maybe we can get him for free. :cowboy:
Word is we've released Drisan James, FINALLY!

Get something done Obie, or it's going to be just a 3 way race in the east.

.....we tried to save Halls job a couple of times HOWEVER ....WE HAD TO PREVAIL...and did we ever stick-em...Our d just dominated them ...Ray was looking for cover....when we let-up they got a couple of easy ones....All in all i thought Jyles accounted for himself very well...It's kinda nice ot have a back-up that's that reliable...Great game :thup: :rockin: an aside......IF that roughing call at the end of the game on Maas that cost us a return td. was roughing the passer.....then my name is Jerry James....what a load of bunk. :thdn: Why do these refs have to continually get it wrong with us....orrrrr was it cuz Lobendahn planted one of them in the canadinns turf :lol: :lol: :lol: oh well...we'll take the 2 pts.... :thup:

Well, Jerry, if you watch the replay then you will see that Maas was hit on the side of his head on the play and that is a penalty.

…i think you’re confusing ‘hands in the face of the qb.’ with a hit…and if that’s a penalty :lol: this league is getting soft…you see it your way…i see it mine :wink:

You can't touch the QB above the shoulders and, unfortunately, that was a hit on the side of the head. Not a hard hit but a hit nonetheless.

Rules are rules, but let’s remember this is football…

Can’t touch him above the shoulders, can’t touch him below the knees, don’t you dare touch him after the ball is gone. It IS getting a little ridiculous…

Ridiculous when it's us hitting their QB, good when it's our QB getting hit. :wink:

No. Just plain ridiculous. It's football, not paddy-cakes...

...they're even laughing at the call on the esks. forum.....the refs miss the horse-caller (one on our qb. earlier in the year) and call that crap....c'mon.. :thdn:

The theme of '10 has been:

And I still stand by that. can put those 3 words in just about any order and it works...

sorry...workin' nights and I'm tired... :lol: