Bombers credit full team effort in win over Riders

REGINA — With the game tied at 17, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers went into the second half of Sunday night’s contest against the Saskatchewan Roughriders with one thing on their mind: play as a team.

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Happy for all the players, both sides. That’s what they work for.

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Great game…Bomber’s discipline pays off in the end… #92 Marino with his cheap shot blindside hit on Collaros is a disgrace… His “remorse” for his previous cheap shots was obviously all BS…Dickenson has lost control of the clowns on his team… no discipline, no class…


The Riders had their chance to win but discipline (bench) and a strange call (pass to Hickson resulting in the interception) cost them the game. They should have run the ball and if they had to kick, they were in FG range. Great game though.

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I don't know if he's lost control as he's never had it to begin with. His post game interview was puzzling, the guy is completely clueless.


There's such a fine line in sports between winning and losing, which is even finer in professional sports. You always hear the game is decided by a couple plays, never was this more true than yesterday.

Can we all just agree to get rid of Duke? Hurts the team with idiocy when he is playing, and now he hurts them when he is not even dressed.