Bombers could win the Grey Cup this year!!!

I thought the board needed a fresh topic, so I took it upon myself to start it :thup:

To win the Grey Cup all you need to do is squeek into the playoffs by the skin of your teeth, and then win what 3 in a row? You win the semi final, and you win the Western final and you are in the Grey Cup right? When you make the playoffs, even by the skin of your teeth, you have new life, old records go out the window. 2 wins puts you in the big game! I am going to go out on a limb and predict the Bombers do just that, and it may just be that it is not by the skin of our teeth. 10 games to play, Bombers could still finish in first place.

I am optimistic.

You mean East, as long as BC doesn't catch fire and create a crossover. I think Hamilton or Winnipeg could pull a upset. Mtl will have 1st locked up again with 8 games left. It's like 2.5 months of waiting.I don't care what team you are, you lose your edge , playing 8 meaningless games in a row plus a bye. The Als couldn't match the Stamps down the stretch in the Grey Cup game last year. They had some luck against Edmonton to come back in the East Final. The Als will say all the right things about staying sharp and playing every game like a playoff game. Impossible.
On the other hand, I don't know if this is the year you want to squeak in the Grey Cup game, you will be a huge dog playing in front of a hostile crowd. But it's the CFL and nothing ever goes as planned.

Yes I meant Bombers could still win the bad lol

Still tough to remember that Bombers are in the East!!! Hope Ottawa RoughRiders are back in 2012 so Bombers can move back to the west where they belong.

10 games to play!

This is, after all, the CFL. . . anything CAN happen !!!


They might have a chance if they win all of their remaining games

Let's not get tooooo far ahead of ourselves, but you're right...all ya gotta do is win 2 in the playoffs to get to the big game, so ya never's been won by teams with 13 wins in a season, and by teams with 8 wins in a season...

8 -10 gets you in the playoffs. From there you need to win 3 in a row.

Just like the 2001 Stamps, Scraped in to the playoffs and caught fire , beating the 14 -4 Bombers. The 2000 Lions did the same ,they were 8 - 10 and upset the ALS.

Im not saying the bombers can't make the playoffs, but there is now way they're finishing 1st in the east come the end of the regular season.

That ship has sailed for the Bombers and probably Hamilton.