Bombers could hit 8 game losing streak

The streak is at 2. Next stop TO. Allen will be healthy and should take the win. TO is perfect when he has started this year.

Back to back games against the Riders who looked amazing against Hamilton, the team which started the Bombers losing streak.

Then it gets tougher when they face Calgary twice then Montreal again.

Bombers don't get a favorable matchup until they play Hamilton again.

The losing streak reaching 8 games is very possible.

And Edmonton could be the worst team in the league this year, and could follow that performance up with even worse years to come.

Anything could happen but do you actually think that will?

dont feed the troll

8 games? you dreaming buddy, were going to shut down the Riders, and your gonna be killed by the Stamps.

that would put us at 8 - 10 and good enough for 3rd place, the EE would need to go 6 - 3 down the stretch just to beat us out for a crossover......good luck.

Who needs the Bombers. Go BC Lions!

dude, wrong forum.

this EE guy is so stupid, why are you talking crap when the eskimos are doing even worse, why dont you move out of ur moms basement and go get a life instead of goin on another teams forum and talking crap.

EE is just trying to deflect attention away from the fact that the smoes are still celler dwellers!

You should see him turn purple every time its pointed out in the main forum

purple and invisible.....

What a shame, Go Lions! :smiley: :rockin:

Snap........I thought I heard DD just break a leg.

Even if the Bombers make the playoffs they have no chance of beating Toronto or Montreal.

It's going to be another long, cold winter in the Pig.

Maybe the Jets will come back? LOL


DON'T laugh about that, and we can beat TO, and you never know what can happen in the East final.

you must be the dumbest guy i've ever seen, right now we are 2-0 against toronto, and when we play them in the playoffs if theres no crossover, glenn will be healthy. I dont know why u think they're going to beat us, considering the eskihomos wont even make the playoffs, and then we will se whos talking crap. EE, stay on the eskies forum and stop coming here because nobody on the BB forum likes you, your a loser, so stop wasting your time (edited)

Maybe we will just watch you make an a$$ of yourself on the site all winter, hows the cellar nanuck.

Hey loser, Bombers haven't beaten a full streangth TO team. They've only beaten TO's backups.

They way the Bombers played against BC, they'll be lucky to get 5 points.

Don't forget where the Bombers go their wins from this year.

Last place Esks, Hamilton and TO with Backups. Bombers have been handed when they've played against a team that isn't struggling.

you know what that means? were gonna make the playoffs cuz we will be sixth in the league. :razz:

That makes 3 games.....
5 more to go!!!

Go Bombers!