Bombers Contenders or Pretenders

Imagine all the hype in Winnipeg now. Yep, the team with arguable the best offense and defense in the CFL gets blown out by an 0 and 5 team.

Losing is contagious bombers so watch out. Bombers are on a downward slope.

Probably because of some bush league coaching trying to run the score.

If you have watched the 0-5 Tiger-cats over the past few weeks you would realize that they could have easily won the last 4 straight games. A few unfortunate penalties and some bad luck did them in. They could easily be 5-1.

Winnipeg was lucky to win last week and had no business winning last night. As a Winnipeg fan I feel we are lucky to be in first place. I think our biggest worry shouldn't be Montreal or Toronto, it should be Hamilton. They are the best 1-5 team I have ever seen.

losing is much more contagious for ticats

I wouldn't go so far as to say they could be 5-1 right now, but I do agree about the penalties. These stupid mistakes are just killing them.

No team has improved more since the start of the season than Hamilton. Until Bishop gets back, I'd pick Hamilton over either of MTL or TOR, and, based on last night, Winnipeg is not a dead lock either.

Currently, Winnipeg is a contender while Hamilton is a pretender. Don't be fooled by one game miracles. Every team has good and bad days but the cream rises to the top in the long term. 18 games determine playoff spots and not one game.

I'm not basing my assessment of Hamilton on just last night.

They played very well in both BC two weeks ago and last week in Winnipeg.

Their D, in my book, is #4, behind SK, BC and TOR; Maas is finally rounding into form, their O-line is better than average and they have the best rb in the game right now.

Last night did not look or feel like a flash in the pan. Yes they still make mistakes, and take a boatload of dumb penalties, but they are light years from where they were last year at this time.

Part of playing good football is not taking dumb penalties. If the penalties did them in, they made the mistakes and they deserved the loss. To say they could easily be 1-5 is a huge overstatement. Everyone should relax until they at least get their second win.
As for Winnipeg, every team has off games. We are definitly not lucky to be in first place. They have earned it, and are still one of the top three teams in the CFL.

Bumbers are pretenders!

With Milt dying in the playoffs, Chuck Roberts running out of gas at the end of the season, and Troy Westwood as their star kicker.................

I'd say pretenders!

Those are some pretty bold predictions. Do you have any thing that makes sense to say?

I think Winnipeg has a great team this year and will probably win the East. I am glad Kevin Glen is doing as well as he is. I liked him in Green and I always new we traded the wrong one. Keep in mind, i haven't actually seen a game yet this year, I am just basing this assessment on stats, highlights and radio broadcasts. That being said, I agree that Hamilton is better than a 1-5 team. I don't think they are as good as a 5-1 team, but they are no push over either. My roommate is friends with Jesse Lumsden and about 3-4 weeks ago I made a comment to her that he is good, but not proven yet. Last night I made a note to take that statement back. I thought maybe two weeks ago was a fluke, but after that game last night, there is no doubt that he is for real. That was insane!! My conclusion.... Winnipeg = contenders. Hamiton = TBA

Go Riders!!

We won't know the answer to this question until November now will we ? But if your asking it because they got shcit kicked by the Tiger Cats, well the game came down to basically 5 plays, 2 big scores by Lumpy and 3 costly turnovers by the Bombers, them's the breaks, sometimes you get them and sometimes you don't. But, if even 1 of those 5 plays goes the Bombers way, the outcome may have been different. Still way too much football to be played to crown or crap on anyone team just yet.

ya ok td-maker y don't u do us a favour and hide in the corner. stegall dying in playoffs and roberts running out of gas. so please tell me y we have the all time td leader and possible pass yardage leader. and the top back in the league both burning out? wow your a wise one.

here's the breadown. people like u look at the W-L colum. which means nothing in cfl any team can win at anytime. and everyone judges the tabbies. but when push comes to shove they have a strong team that outplayed the blue.

the blue talent wise the strongest team in the league. but with 3 secondary guys out on defense it's hard to stay strong. cuz if u look at glenns numbers all season he is beating the rest of the league. the blue and gold will be back and searching for another W.

Too true good post :rockin: I agree tho hamilton could have won at least 2 games before they played the bombers

well, the cats were blown out by the stamps AND the i dont see how the cats coulda been 5-1?

they were close against the lions and the als...thats it...they could be 3-3 at best.

Ya Bombers must suck.. they lost to Hamilton with atleast 4 Starters(3 DB's) on the mend.

the OL needs a spark(hello Obby Khan)

the DB's need some leadership hello Bush, Bean, Malbrough.

and yes Hamilton is not so bad, they almost beat BC, BC only won in the last few minutes and Hamilton is still improving finding the right players.
Come the next match-up vs. the WBB the Ticats could easily be .500 with wins over MTL, TO*2 and Edmonton(I'd say Ham will be 4-6)

The Bombers also suffered from Mental errors like the fumbles, allowing Lumsbden to run.

But those should be fixed and Bring on BC next week and TO on the 24th.

If Winnipeg beats B.C. and Toronto, will you be on here saying that Winnipeg is in fact inferior to these two teams and only won those games because these teams are without their first and second-string quarterbacks?

I know I will. :twisted:

And you should Big Dave...
You know it doesn't matter on how you WIN..
Just WIN....Go Bombers...

Winnipeg is a contender. IMO, they should win the East no problem.

Good to see ya back talking smack big guy. :roll: