Bombers come crashing back to earth

Was the team out partying in the Big Smoke last night, or are the Bombers just not that good?

were you not watching the game? troy westwood missed 2 feildgoals that cost them 6 points and in the second half the argos did nothing and the bombers got 3 touchdowns they came up short and killed themselves in the first half...

I think that one drive by TO in the second was crucial. First "gonnagetcha" muffed an easy pick for 6, then Walls bumbled the fumble for another easy 6. Offence comes on and another quick 2 and out. Points for as at that time could have pumped the team up.

Champions they are not.

Still a work in progress to be sure. I’m most concerned about our special teams. They’ve cost us at least three wins this year.

everyone team has a bad game. this is one. glenn looked really bad thorwing with the new brace and the reciver core was missing number 85. not to mention to absence if juran for young. game just never added up well for us.

Is it me or is everyone on here to pick on our team?

Yes the Bombers didn't come to play (in the 1st half), no excuses, it was a dreadful game by the D, the O and the Special teams. We still made it close (down 30 pts), enough to scare ya. Our kicker missed 2 field goals (6pts), our recievers dropped 5 balls (that i counted) 2 would've been TD's (14 Pts), our D dropped 2 INT's, come on now.

As for crashing back to earth, it's one game, we all have one bad game at least, no one goes on the Rider site, or the Stamp site when they "Crash", and Hamilton beat Calgary, come on!! Wake up People!!

We are still 1st in the East and have home field as it stands and the next 4 games will tell where the BB'S really stand (Hamilton, BC and Cgy 2 times).

b&g i am not at all trashing the team. I still love the blue and gold as i said they had a bad game. it happens to everyteam. and we still got our 3 point leas in the east. we gotta bounce back and i am confident we will.

Great post. :thup:

I agree, one bad game and all of a sudden the sky is falling. We still have a very good team here guys, and I for one am having alot of fun cheering for these guys this year. Let's hope we can start to put this one behind us, and put together another win streak! :rockin:

The truth is : the Bombers can outplay any team in this league.

There is no need to press the panic button + Berry knows this + Berry knows what's happening.

I'll use Khari Jones as an example, which purposely follows my point about K. Glenn. K. Jones made an exception toward the end of his career, by denying everything that it took to be a Bomber qb. At that time we made an exception to the qualities a qb must have(in this case it's been Glenn. . . ). At one time, we questioned Glenn's commitment, willingness, and character. But, I don't think those things are true of Glenn anymore. He is not Khari Jones. My point is we've come a long way, and expect too much from an unrealisitic stand-point. Glenn went so far in his post-game comments to add, "There's nothing to worry about, We're still in First Place. . . " In all honesty, that sounds like a guy who knows what's happening. It really speaks volumes about Glenn 'then-and-now.' Glenn has reached R. Ray status and will be the premier qb in the CFL for the duration of his next contract 4+ years?

On a side note: The game in TO inspired me; I thought about starting a new network on facebook titled: “If you’re not a Bomber fan like I am: you suck.”