Bombers' Coach Cannot Take His QBs To Tryout Camps

A report in today's Globe and Mail states that Bomber head coach Mike Kelly had intended to bring quarterbacks Stefan LeFors, Ryan Dinwiddie and Bryan Randall along to the free agent tryout camps the Bombers are holding in the United States over the next couple of months but CFL warned him that to do so would breach their collective bargaining agreement with the CFLPA. Kelly apparently plans to lobby the CFL to try to change this rule when the new collective bargaining agreement is negotiated.

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For a guy who talks so much you'd think Kelly would know that. Maybe not the coach but sholdnt the GM know that the CBA contains that rule-esp. for a guy who's been in the league for awhile.?

which Mike is coaching the Bombers? That sounds like something Mike Riley would do....

Bombers could be a train wreck in the making this year....I hope not for Bombers fans....but, for us Cats fans it would be nice.

Jeff Reinbold II: La vendetta

Coming soon to a CFL stadium near you.

....orrrr Kelly could have one good 'kick a$$' team....We'll see :wink: :thup:

I could see the Argos coach not knowing but not the Winnipeg coach :roll:

This Mike Kelly is coming across like a huge "pantload" to me.