Bombers clsoe to signing Hebert -- Controversial linebacker Kyries Hebert is close to agreeing to a new contract with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and is expected to report the club in the next few days, reports Sportsnet's Football Insider, Eric Tillman. The modified deal, according to a source close to the situation, is expected to be for two years and an option.

The former Ottawa defender, who signed a high-priced, five-year contract extension with the Renegades after the 2005 season and was later charged with felony assault in Texas, was not taken in the April dispersal draft in spite of being viewed as one of the CFL's premier young players. He was then placed on waivers, per CFL bi-laws, and, after lengthy internal discussions, the Bombers decided to "claim" the 6-3, 215-pounder on the last day before the seven-day waiting period expired.

Hebert, who started at safety and linebacker in Ottawa, in addition to being one of the CFL's premier special teams performers, threatened to take legal action, claiming that he and all Renegades players had been informed in writing that they would be free agents if not selected in the dispersal draft. The league and Bombers general manager, Brendan Taman, countered that the waiver process is standard procedure for all players before being granted free agent status. As the dispute continued, Hebert refused to report to the Bombers training camp in May.

The 25-year-old Louisiana Lafayette graduate was in Cincinnati in April, where he was on the verge of signing with the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals when he learned that he had been claimed only hours before the CFL deadline expired. Hebert had previous NFL experience with the Minnesota Vikings and the Houston Texans. A versatile athlete, he had played wide receiver early in his university career before moving to defence.

With a new agreement in principle and a significant reduction in his legal charges, which should negate any legal issues precluding him from entering Canada, Hebert is expected to be in Blue and Gold possibly as early as this Saturday against Edmonton or no later than July 8th, when the surprising Bombers travel to Toronto to face the Argonauts.

i guess were goin to be seeing him playing on special teams if he is in the lineup for saturdays game, and backing up at lb, and maybe saftey..there is no way he can start with our lb's and safety playing soo well so far this season..he is going to start off as a backup..but what a good backup to have lol

Hopefully this will give the Bombers the much needed shot in the arm

Only if Hebert puts all the stuff he created behind him and comes to play.

Berry won't put up with any nonsense.

Well my guess is by around mid to late August he will get cut! :lol:

he was hoping for 1 year and option but in the end Taman got the upper hand on him.....another shrewd and wildly successful move by the BEST GM in the land........


.....General Patton was shrewd and wildly successful.....but he was pretty much insane too....

...he's a guy you like to have on special teams.... hits a ton...with all of that frustration he has had with the off-season crap...maybe Hebert will bring some attitude....i just hope its the right one....and if it is...message to other teams....the Bombers are gonna be TOUGH... :rockin:

Like I said the welcome matt will be pulled in the not so distant future! :lol:

I was honestly hoping the BB would cut him, but whatever, if he wants to play now, he better bring his A game, or he will be on a bus to Cincinnati and get cut by them in no time.

Well even if the Bombers cut him, he still has to clear CFL waivers! So that trip down to the NFL could still be on hold if another CFL team claims him. He should have never signed a long term deal with the Renegades in the first place if he was so keen on taking a shot in the NFL. I think it would be hilarious if Ottawa somehow comes back next year and they choose Hebert in the expansion draft!!

Really what team in the CFl would claim him on waivers! The Bombers did I know but we can expect that from Duh Taman! The guy that would sign a grandmother to a contract if she could kick field goals.

as we know there is a fine line between genius and maddness......if we could all determine which is which, we would all be geniues or mad I have just confused myself....

Dam you confused everyone well except Kanga and rickywhatshisname Dam 6 foot 3 hey!

..Hebert was on Wpg. radio last night....says he is ready to report...and appeared to be quite genuine in his statements about performing for the Bombers...says he is ready physically to join a promising looking defence..Marlborough , of the Bombers ,is a friend of his and has kept him up to speed on whats happening on the 'd'...IF ..he comes here to play .. to his talent level ...LOOKOUT opposition....we just got VERY GOOD... :wink: :thup:

Speaking of that, what ever happened to the Million dollars field goal kicker? Wasn't he on Taman's negociation list?

All I can say to the Bomber fans at this point, is good luck with Hebert, it looks like you will need it....

YOu are right he never did get a try out must of ticked Taman off. However, I saw him chasing Ronald McDonald with a contract one day. Saying with feet like that you could kick 65 yard field goals. Stay tuned!

Perhaps during his time in the penalty box he realized that he and his agent were to blame for the circumstances he found himself in. It happens alot to young guys who put all their faith in the agent. Hopefully he has matured a bit and can become a good player for the Bombers.

Guess we should be grateful for all the attention fans from other teams have given us. You have to wonder if it's concern for our team or is it concern for the welfare of their own teams? Things are falling into place:
1 - The people said: "Taman would win out". Happened.
2 - Hebert still wants to go to NFL. He will need to impress scouts. Will happen.
3 - Hebert will kick your team's butts all over the field. Oh yes baby it will happen!