Bombers clinch a playoff spot with a win against Hamilton

I have read a bunch of scenarios that say a Winnipeg win combined with a Saskatchewan loss and an Edmonton loss would clinch Winnipeg a playoff spot. But I did the math, and I'm pretty certain that if the Bombers get to 11-7 tonight with a win over Hamilton, that will seal it regardless of what other teams do.

So, if Winnipeg wins tonight and loses the rest of the season they end up 11-7
The Best Edmonton can do is 12-6
The Best Saskatchw can do is 12-6
And the Best that BC can do is 11-7
All of those records would beat the worst case scenario for the Bombers at 11-7 (BC would have won two games against wpg to get there and would own the series).
But BC plays Edmonton in Week 18 and Saskatchewan plays Edmonton in Week 20. And Winnipeg owns the series over Edm and Sk. So, at least one of those teams will have a worse record than Wpg.
So, the worst Winnipeg could do is be 4th in the West. If they are 4thin the West with a 11-7 record, then the crossover will come into play (the best either MTL or Ham can do is 7-11).

WOW ! Thanks for all the work. One way or another, we're in the playoffs ! ;D

Go ticats :smiley: