Bombers cleaning House

I think it's about time the Bomber fans should look a little higher than dumping Daley. Bauer rode in here when the Blue were just starting to climb out of Reinbolds hole. He rode the success of the Bombers rebuild at that time and the only reason the Blue made money because they had a winning team and winning teams put butts in seats and make money. What's he done lately for the Blue. Bauers turn to go.

Send Stegall to the Riders, trade Glenn, start Wynn, fire Daley, and get some new receivers.

Keep Stegall.. a blue chipper all the way - if he doesn't follow through on maybe retiring.

I am f***ing tired of hearing rider fans saying trade stegall to the riders. its never gonna happen, so shut your yap.

and i'm sure trading stegall would make the bombers a better football team sarcasm

OK, let's say they want to trade Milt to Sask. Will they give up Matt Dominguez? Although I love Milt, he is nearing the end of his career. Dominguez (if healthy) can play another 10 years and the guy is a stud receiver.

...Nasty Nate Davis....though I hate him when we have to play against him....would look good in blue and gold and Dominguez...for Stegall... who would give Sask. a legitimate shot at the Cup...would be the only trade I would look at...

Bauer....should be fired for bringing in this Daley dud...he obviously is no judge of coaching talent....set us back years .... :twisted:

I would hope that the rider brass wouldn't trade Dominguez for Stegall for the reasons in ziegmund's post. Sure, Stegall's great, but I wouldn't be willing to give up the potential of Dominguez for what would amount to one year, if that. I honestly don't know who the riders could offer the bombers that would be worth getting stegall for, as the price would be huge.

.....Nate Davis heads to Winnipeg and I could very well become a Bomber fan.....

that's some good news right there! :wink: