Bombers choose Asper's Stadium!!!

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The Winnipeg Football Club is going ahead with the David Asper proposal to build a new stadium for the Blue Bombers at the site of the current stadium.
The football club's board of directors unanimously endorsed the proposal from Creswin Properties Ltd. — the Asper family real-estate management and development company — said chairman Ken Hildahl in a press release this morning.

In the release, Hildahl said the club is looking forward to working with Asper and his team, and it believes the agreement will help ensure "the long-term viability of the football club and the Blue Bomber legacy."

Today’s announcement marks the next step in a process the football club started in February. The binding agreement with Creswin will refine cost and other key details of the proposal and establish terms of reference to guide the project going forward. While negotiations proceed on the Letter of Intent with Creswin, the three levels of government will be kept apprised of the progress.

“The board was extremely pleased by the overall level of interest in the project and in particular want to extend our thanks to Leo Ledohowski and his team for their submission,? added Hildahl. “Their proposal was truly visionary, but after detailed analysis the board concluded the Creswin proposal was best suited to the football club’s objectives and capabilities.

“We could not have gotten this far in the process without the leadership of (Bomber President and CEO) Lyle Bauer and his team,? concluded Hildahl. “Their work and dedication over the past many years have helped make today’s announcement possible. They are one of the important assets of our business and we are confident they will play an important role in the club’s future.?

Manitoba Premier Gary Doer has promised that if his New Democrats are re-elected in the May 22 election, the province will help build a new stadium.

Asper has said his stadium proposal would require $80 million in public money from the Manitoba and federal governments.

thanks to Earl for the Find!

If this goes through and by every indication it seems to look very positive now that this major hurdle is overcome, I think we are looking at a new era in the CFL with building upgrades and/or new facilities. I’m very excited!!!
No prob dg!

i hope this goes through, the stadium is built and Asper gets ownership of the team.

the Bluebombers will become the envy of the CFL. nicest stadium, competitive team and the deepest pockets in the league....too bad for bombers fans, theres a CAP now..haha

...what are they waiting for???....there are six weeks until kickoff!!!!.....get building for crying out loud....

It only took 100 days to build McMahon...
Asper Stadium should be up and running by about week 6 of the season...

And I do hope that is what they call it....

Good news Winnipeg!!

Does anyone know the details of what the stadium will be like?

Theres the info basicly will look like the picture at the top of this thread but at least THREE times bigger...

heres a video outlining the details....the stadium should be completed for the '08 season.

Looks good for the city of Winnipeg and the fans... and they will actually have a real pro team for a tenant as well, not a minor league team...LOL

...I'm not one to point out spelling mistakes sam but you left out 'ne' after 'pro' in your post....

Yeah.....haven't they heard of overtime? :wink:

Question is prone to what?

Now that they have a new Stadium, all they need is a new GM!

Dam sporty you beat me to it! I am jealous. Okay Bomber fans time to convince sporty the Taman is a good GM. So far you have not come close to convincing me. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm on my way to the mailbox to send my annual "Thank You" card to Taman for not signing Geroy Simon.

Yes Taman has many fans out in BC for sure. Probably the best player the Bombers ever had and well Mr. I do not know talent did not try and get him back in Winnipeg. :lol: :lol:
Enough Taman bashing Sporty do not want to ruffle and crow feathers! :lol: :lol: :lol:

....well my son..... no matter what Taman does....i don't think you'd give him credit for anything...even if he was to single handedly convince the govt. officials to get on board with the Asper plan.....a.s.a.p......and start the construction himself....sooooo i know you're not a fan of his.....but you got to like the new stadium....go ASPER....GO BOMBERS...GREAT NEWS FOR US AND THE CFL......... :rockin: :smiley: :thup:

Papa, you are right on one account, the Stadium is a good thing for "The Peg".

I'm sure you'll enjoy being there in two years time.

Dad I have been saying all along this is the best thing that can happen for the Bombers team and it fans. Barnes well he will move to China where he can campaign for a government run soccer stadium.
Taman does not deserve credit. Sorry!