Bombers choking down the stretch

well, they are doing thier best to give toronto the east division.

with an argo win and a bomber loss lext week, toronto will take a 1 point lead over winnipeg for top spot...then toronto plays winnipeg in game 17 for the east crown.

winnipeg really knows how to make it hard on themselves, self destructing heading into the playoffs, while toronto is getting better every week.


Bombers didnt have it today, but I'm sure they will be much better at home next week. It will be a close game, looks like Burris is picking up right where he left off when he got injured. Calgary may be the team to beat in the West if Burris stays healthy into the post season.

Stamps played a good game ...congrats......The Bombers defence is weak....and will have a very difficult time hanging on down the stretch, with the kind of play, displayed against the stamps tonight...Burris and Glenn played a solid game....but i don't know whose secondary is worse ..Calgarys or the Bombers...i will have to say Bombers right now.... :roll:

Dad you drinking again. Take that Gibsons and pour it out man it is making you see things. Both defenses played well your not giving both offenses credit. Sad but true. Oh by the way I have been saying the aRgos are going to be first in the east bet on it.

...are you kidding my son....pour out Gibsons....that ain't gonna happen,,,but you could be right ...we could get caught by T.O playing like that.... we 'might' make it interesting down the stretch if the d' can pull it together...i;m sticking with my assessment of both d's however.....i didn't see a Grey Cup contender tonight...and that goes for both teams.... :roll: :wink:

Given the home and away records of the respective teams and the liklihood of a split in the home-and-home, today's result was hardly a shocker.
Winnipeg definately hasn't played up to snuff of late, but don't bet against them next week.
Winnipeg's defence seemed confused out there and overall, that slow start continues to be a killer for them.
Calgary looked decent today.
One of only a handful of games this year one can say that.
Based just on the play this weekend, the two best teams in the CFL are Riders and Stamps.
Things are heating up!!

..never waste Gibsons.... was a high spirited game, and both sides were in it....I am sure papa your team will rebound next week...and Burris will rid himself of some cobwebs...should be a great rematch... other words, better stock up on the Gibsons...

Arius is right the Stamps were lucky to be in it.

Arius is right the Stamps were lucky to be in it.
Yep. That is what I said alright.......

A great BC fan that I know stated!

Arius your the Man!

You know a great BC fan?
You should ask him to join our forum....

Well Arius that is funny he is a fan of yours. You'd da man~!

I predict my Argos will take first place going away.
With the home game against the BB drawing over 40,000 at the crapdome.

Well I have been saying that for two weeks now. The Argos are winning anyway they can they are finding ways to win. GOOOOOOOOO Argoooooooos!

i don't think toronto will take 1st, reason being they have to play montreal next week and montreal will want a home game and there playing at home so it will be a intense battle with montreal winning. and than bombers always seem to lose 1 of the back 2 backs just look at em all hamilton, sask, and now Stamps but i think the bombers will come out desperate for a win at home seeing as they lost 2 str8.

And ever since we have had Glenn as starter i don't remember the last time we actually won in calgary its something about him he always chokes there.

our secondary need to play way better they are horrible like c'mon how many times does it take before you realize u have to cover a guy that is always wide open 20 yrds down field. (refering to Ralph great game) that might have been bolden's assignment because ralph didn't catch much when bolden was in so maybe thats was the problem i don't know.

did any1 hear what was wrong with bolden anyways. i know it was back injury but any further analysis about him. (huge lose if he's not back)

The Argos and the Bombers are going in opposite direction, with my team peaking at the right time.

Yup sliding! The next 3 games should be fun. But I think TO is hungry and they will get it.

The Bombers have looked awefull the last what four games.
Great time to get cold like the weather.