Bombers/Cats prediction

First it is going to be a great game, Winnipeg is a lot of fun to watch this year and O'Shea is doing a good job. Close game; Winnipeg by 3 but Hamilton is competitive on the field.

Boy the east division sucks YET again this year. Why is that?

We win...'nuff said :slight_smile:

The defence finds their stride and changes to the offence puts the Cats on the winning side.

Peg 31 - Cats - 34

Ti-Cats by 8 ......28-20

I'm with Billydee on the score. Cats win their first. My Pick Em ranking is in the 6 000 th range but Im due !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

We've got this one! 8)

Cats 1st win of the season 8)

On paper a slight mis-match. But as the season progresses its obvious the bombers are vulnerable in a number of areas:

  1. The most pronounced - soft defensive play. Zak should end up with 350 to 450 yds passing; if its in the 450 range the Ti-Cats should emerge victorious.
  2. Spotty/spurty offensive play - team beset by automatic 2 & outs early in the season. Their saving grace = great will and stick to itivness for their coach who never throws players under the bus and always is behind his guys (regardless of performance level)

If Zak hits the 450 mark - Ti-Cats should hit their first W of 2017 - and playoff yap will re-emerge from the Donut Box in Hamilton - something like 39-31. especially if the turnover battle is equal or slightly on the ticats side.

Playoffs aren’t assured for bombers regardless of win or lose in Hamilton. As I’ve opined prior - Winny will end up with somewhere between 6 & 9 wins. Getting slaughtered by Hamilton (95% chance it won’t happen) could send the Bomber program back to square 1 . . . . although O’Shea will emerge from the dundgeon saying his team is still 4-3 and only worried about the next game!

My prediction:

  1. There will be a football game
  2. It will be in the evening
  3. O'Shea will get booed
  1. Fans will bitch about the food :cry:

Cats have a chance if the offense plays like last week. Will have to play a full sixty minutes though, these Bombers don't quit.

Too much uncertainty and too many hands in the fire, new coaches. I just don't see a win here.

A silver lining is that we are in the CFL (L)East division. Ottawa lost again, and I'd like a Montreal win (not only because it's the Argos). With a win, we could be four (4) points out of first...only in the CFL 'eh:)