I didn’t want to mention the special teams, but…

…both our FG kicking and punts are erratic. I looked it up. Jamie Boreham does both. He may not be good as either one on a given day, but I bet Jamie is more consistent. I’d like the Bombers to give Boreham a try in practice, and if he looks good, let him play both positions in a game or two. If he works out, I say punt both Renaud and Palardy; their inconsistent play drives me nuts!

They did give him a try in practice…Renaud beat him out.

You don’t know a whole lot about Jamie Boreham, lol. He’s an awful FG kicker. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Take end-of-career Troy Westwood and make him worse at kicking field goals and you get Jamie Boreham.

Palardy’s miss was his first in like 17 attempts. A bit of a rough start to the year doesn’t make him inconsistent. He’s a career 81.4% kicker and something like 85% in his career with Renaud as the holder. The CFL record for FG accuracy is I believe just over 84%.

Jamie Boreham’s career FG% is 67.6%!

Renaud is inconsistent, I can agree with that.

If the Bombers are ever stupid enough to even CONSIDER the thought of replacing Palardy for Jamie freaking Boreham, I will be one VERY unhappy camper. Fortunately, you don’t get management jobs by making stupid decisions like that.

Honestly, we have one of the most accurate kickers in the game, he’s ONLY 23, and we want to get rid of him every time he misses a kick. We are VERY lucky to have a guy like Palardy kicking field goals for us.

On a non kicking related note.. great game for the Bombers. There is certainly some work to be done especially on special teams but it was nice to come out and get a win in a big game, and especially to put 33 points on the board.

...I guess this will end the 'smugness and cheap talk' coming out of the hammer....One guy started a thread at the beginning of the year saying...'Bucks Back....should we be Worried"...Judging by last nights game I'd say their fears WERE WARRANTED.... and to boot ,they're going through the same inconsistency from Glenn that we suffered with...He looks like a world-beater one game and begins to look like 3rd. man on the qb. depth chart the next...I think reality has set in over there in Hamilton and after their boasting and huff and puff at the beginning of the year....heh looks good on them :lol: This 'half the distance' character must be crying in his beer and trying desperately to conjur up some idiotic slur for us....Sorry there 'half'...back to the drawing board for the kitty cats :rockin:

Ya know, I kinda like Halfthedistance. He's got the perfect name for a chronically .500 football team...

It will be a great game next week for sure; Garrett/Messam, both teams have good receivers, Pierce/Ray getting the plays off Quickly as both D’s will be in the face of both QB’s…> and lastly the game may come down to the return game with both teams suffering in this area. A plus for Edmonton is the net punting by Duval, but Winnipeg has the smarts to win ball games in other areas. I give high credits to Reed/Lapolice and the Coaching Staff; both teams have a combined record of 16-11 :thup:

…never thought of that one Kubie :lol: …You should go on their forum with that one, although it seems ‘half’ has disappeared…On second thought that might not be a good idea…They’ll ban you for ‘trolling’…seems they have thin skins over there…I’m waiting for one of them to come on here like they used to…maybe we can bestow upon them the same label :twisted: :lol:


and where are they now?