....This should be the game that finally puts/keeps the kitty-cats in their rightful 3rd. place position...Buck is officially the starter and should give us a sharp passing game...They have a solid front four but i don't see any great secondary we have to worry about...Just stretch the field on these pretenders and we should come away with 2 points...Glenn better be sharp (which he can be sometimes with quick releases) or he'll be seeing a lot of bluengold in his face...Boreham should give us decent field-position IF our downfield tackling and pursuit is solid....No more spots to the opposition ,where they get to scrimmage on the 45... :wink: Glenn may have to work with longer fields ..If our D plays shut down ball ,like i know they can, i think we should put up some serious points....As far as the aspect we can do nothing about....I hope the refs. call a better game than the last 2 outings, with regard to us and phantom calls...If this one is decided by the guys in stripes, i want an investigation :rockin:

I'd actually prefer Brink to start he seems to get ball away quicker and doesn't hold on to it as long as pierce and likes to stretch the field alot more will be interesting thats for sure.

I really like our QB situation going into next years training camp Elliot, Brink and Pierce Wowzers.

Don't expect too many PI calls in favour of the Bombers, refs will be reluctant to call anything this week in our favour!!

Johnny Sears is apparently going to be in the lineup for the first time. I"m really looking forward to seeing him play; it will likely only be on special teams. He looked really impressive to me in the pre-season; but with Hefney and Suber ahead of him I doubt he'll get much playing time in the secondary, unless they insert him as a 6th DB on certain downs.

From what I saw of him in pre-season, I think Winnipeg has a good one here, with a very bright CFL future.

Mind you, as Mrs MadJack keeps reminding me, I said the same about QB Stanley Jackson as well. . .

Sears was awesome on special teams and he returned kicks in college. Maybe he'll do that.

I'm not excited about him as a cover guy, although I might be in the minority among Bomber fans. Apparently he looked good in TC. In the pre-season games, from what I saw, he got beat fairly often. He was in the right position, but unable to do anything about it anyway. I didn't see much of camp, so maybe he was better then.

Also I'm alarmed by the fact that when I was looking for information on him on line, it looks like most Michigan fans think he sucked. Don't know, maybe he was better after he went to Eastern Michigan because he got kicked off the team at Michigan. He also had 0 picks in 24 college games from the stats I can find.

I hope he proves me wrong. He seems talented enough, seems to have good positioning. I can see potential there but I'm not convinced he's going to amount to anything more than a special teams ace. We'll see. Excited to see him play though.

…Sears didn’t impress that much at tc as a cover guy…BUT he sure impressed me on his downfield play on punts…He was hurt unfortunately and was nine gamed…I’m glad to see him back so he can spark some ‘special’ teams play…The dude is a hitter…

…MadJack…what ever happened to Stanley Jackson…I know we released him about 10 years ago :lol: …Seriously though…do you know where he went… :roll:

Boreham comes onto the roster for the game, LaPo says Renaud will punt, meaning that Boreham probably comes on to handle the kickoffs. As much as some might like this move, I can't say I'm impressed. Given how we've had a couple games where the roster depth has been tested by multiple injuries I'm not a fan of giving up a valuable spot for the luxury of having an extra kicker just for kickoffs. I understand it's only 1 spot on the roster, but with the smaller CFL gameday rosters compared to the NFL, dressing 3 kickers is unheard off and not a luxury that they can afford IMO. I understand how getting the ball deeper on kickoffs will be helpful in terms of the field position battle, however the coach should just pick one of either Boreham or Renaud and have them perform both jobs. Or conversely throw in Palardy into the mix as he's punted before and see if you can get away with Palardy managing punts and FGs with Boreham doing the kickoffs. There are a few banged up players coming back onto the roster for this game but are still hurting and if there are another couple of injuries the depth could be tested again. You could argue that its good coaching and they're fixing a weakness by adding Boreham to the roster, but IMO it's a sign the coach is indecisive and can't make the tough call. We shall see how it all turns out tomorrow.

I sure do papa !

Winnipeg released him in 2004. After that, he was the QB and part owner of the Marion (Ohio) Mayhem in what was called the Continental Indoor Football League. Played three years, retired, and did pregame and postgame shows on Ohio Buckeyes' games on a radio station in Columbus, Ohio.

As for what he's up to now, here you go:

[url=] ... smile.html[/url]

Third straight game against an eastern opponent, third straight game marked by controversy is my guess.

Yeah. This isn't the NFL. I love the idea of having Boreham as the KO guy, Renaud as the punter, and Palardy as the kicker.. IF we had 46, 48 man game day rosters or something as opposed to 42. Particularly with the number of injuries we've had this year. Has anyone ever dressed 3 kickers in the CFL before? I can't recall it and it does waste valuable roster space. But still, I DO think it's the best we can do with our kicking situation.. it's just pretty risky.. hope we can stay healthy.

....says something about our kicking woes when we have to start three....A tough decision has to be made here....Is Lapo capable of making it :roll: ???..This 'on again' 'off again' stuff with Tim Brown has got me a little perplexed as well...I think we were duped into believing this guy was the answer to our return game troubles...obviously not..We waited and waited for a bust ,when we could have brought in any number of players for a look-see in the return dept.... What a collosal waste of time...I think something went wrong with our assessment process here and my confidence in the brain-trust to judge talent has taken a 'kick'....And talking about kicking...I.m pulling for Renaud to get back on track...GoBigBlue :thup:

I'd be really surprised if any other team has ever dressed three kickers for the same game. . . it does seem odd to say the least.

papa I think that, as the season has progressed, there have been more and more questions raised about LaPo's performance as head coach. He got a pass last year, it being his first year and all, and first half of this season that defence was covering up for issues on offence and ST. .. but now, over the past several games, with the D not being as dominant as it once was, the shortcomings on offence and ST are coming more to the fore, and Lapo's coaching is under some scrutiny.

Tim Brown still looks like the same player as Perry Floyd to me. Unless he's been playing hurt the whole time, he's not the answer.

I like that they waited for him and gave him a chance. Not giving guys a chance to prove themselves is how you end up like the Riders keeping Dominique Dorsey and cutting Marcus Thigpen. But Tim Brown has used up his chance. Gotta go other ways now.

Tim Brown had a 20.7 KR average and returned only 23 kicks in 3 years in college. I don't really know what, other than being really fast, gave them the impression that he has what it takes to return kicks. I guess on a wide field, being really fast, it's worth a try. But as of right now, it's pretty clear he doesn't have that vision.

Johnny Sears returned kicks in college; think he averaged around 22 yards. Clarence Denmark returned kicks in college. Denmark looked pretty good returning punts (not good returning kicks though, but that hasn't happened often) when he got a chance. Deon Beasley hasn't been all that bad. He's averaging 19.5 yards per return. Not great, but hey.. the thing with Beasley is he always goes forward. He doesn't try to run laterally and end up losing yards.

We have better return guys on the roster than Tim Brown. And there has to be other options out there we can look at right now. I wonder if maybe Calgary would trade a guy like Landan Talley? He's a fairly good return guy. Too bad Brown was a bust, but it looks like he isn't getting any better.

I would like to see Stewart get a shot at returning kicks, he's probably the fastest guy on the team. Last game he ran down Richardson from across the field while Logan and Johnson were sucking wind.

...This should finally convince the Cats that they are a third place team and no better than a .500 club...That should put to rest all of the baloney on how they were going to succeed the Als. in the east as a power...Not with Kevin Glenn :wink: Good game BigBlue....Now on to Edm. :thup: :rockin:

I'd like to ask TiCat fans how it feels to get the shaft from the Clark crew but, really they they had no business winning the game. :wink:

Bombers just out manned the Cats from the opening whistle, how about January shutting Baggs out (did he even play) lol.

Probably the most complete game this team has completed this year.Really impressed with Garrett,Denmark and the O line as a whole.

..Great game from Garrett and a decent one from the o line....Buck was his ususal self....a winner...STILL no return game???but it didn't cost us...GoBombers ...we've got the stagger back to a swagger... :thup:

Very important win tonight to be sure! Edmonton's up's never easy walking out of Edmonton with two points.

Big win...nice to see. After all the chirpin' from Big Mouth Baggs, January shuts him down...Garrett seems like he could be the heir apparent. Brandon Stewart's TD just made me Oh so happy. Proud of that Kid. Seems like the Bombers have figured out how to use Greg Carr. O Line played their best game (by far) this year. That 'Wooosh' sound you heard was the air going out of the Ticat fan ego, this one must have hurt. We're still plagued by penalties. If we can clean that up, we'll be in great shape down the stretch. Always nice to see Pouty Pants Glenn sulking on the sidelines. If I recall correctly, Stala was held to one catch again. One of the Ticat fans mentioned he was having a 'hall of fame' season a few weeks ago...I guess not. James Green had one of the WORST football nights ever! Still, glad we at least attempted some fakes on special teams. Renaud was better tonight, Palardy's kickoff's still coming down at the 20 though....This weekend I'll be giving thanks...that I'm NOT a Ticat fan...