Bombers cancell walktrough (slow day)

The Blue Bombers cancelled the walkthrough usually held a day before a game. I guess this is a sign that they are so ready, a walkthrough seemed like a poor idea? Perhaps they had a prayer meeting instead. BTW I am calling for a blowout in favor of Bombers. Bishop will play the entire game, possibly Bramlet goes in after we are up by 21

This from a article, Montreal not taking struggling Bombers lightly.

As much as i'd like the Alouette's within our reach going into next week, the Al's will absolutely destroy you if you make any mistakes and/or turn the football over. Two thing's Winnipeg is famous for right now. Long shot and a half, but doable.

Keep it up KF/paulpearson. . . You've been calling for a blowout in favour of the Bombers ever since your hero arrived there, no point in stopping now. . .

Madjack!!! He didn't say what year did he?? All joking aside, I like KF's spirit !! I'am hoping they somehow make a game of it.

Ah but you must remember sporty, he's not a Winnipeg fan per se but rather a MIchael Bishop fan. . . so he'll only predict Bomber blowouts as long as Bishop is in Winnipeg. . . so next year you might not see him. . . not here anyway. . .

At first I thought a "walktrough" was some sort of weird Kelly conditioning drill involving, well, walking in a trough. Presumably filled with some resistance-inducing liquid.

But I now am led to believe he meant walkthrough. Maybe the Professor didn't want Montreal scouting all of his secret plays planned for tomorrow. Although, if you can access a video of a Wpg. game from the mid '90's, you can probably get a carbon copy of tomorrow's game plan, minus the HOF'er at QB.

Oh, and why does that Kellyfanatic dude post under two board names? Does his other alias love Bishop too?

What! Did that win Sammy Garza got in the Eastern Final vs Ham,get him into the HOF! :wink:

this season is over, time to look at 2010… and anyone who cant see kelly is a joke by now, is blind…

man, i cant believe it took me this long to finally jump off the fence