Bombers C.O.L.L.A.P.S.E

Now that's what I call a collapse. None of this "the Lions only beat the Tigercats by 10 pts" crap anymore. The Bombers just blew a 10 point lead in under two minutes and just lost the game. That's a collapse.

1 minute and 14 seconds to be exact

You could hear them choking way up in the cheap seats!

then again, if bum allen hadnt been so pathetic, the bombers should never have had the lead in the first place.

I was rooting for them, Grey Cup means much more to Winnipeg than it does to Toronto. Too bad..

I wanted the lions to be able to go into winnipeg and whip the bombers in front of the home crowd, but then I dont think they would have beat the als anyhow.

Go argos.

I was rooting for the bombers as well but I never really thought thay had a chance.

Did the Argos substitute fireworks after a TD or FG for a horn?

Well I predicted the Argos to win. That was a pretty good game. The first half was crappy but the second half (especially the fourth) was great.The Bombers became way too predictable. Their passing game was terible. They did get a couple big receptions but that's not eneough. They defeinetly choked.

Only when the roof is closed I think.