Bombers by 14!

bombers has as good a chance as any in a one game playoff. kooky things happen.
i'd say though that the riders beat two teams that are a lot better than the two wpg beat. they've focused and motivated, just like the bombers are.
riders should win, but that's why they play the game. I'm sure the Rider D will pay the run strong and try to put pressure on the rook QB. like there won't already be a bunch on him
but 14 points for the Bombers? that seems highly unlikely.

kel i am not sayinf u can't score and win. i am saying the defence is the difference maker, the one that does the better job shutting down the rivals ffence is going to win. come on man everyone knows the saying "offence wins games, defence wins championships."

You said Lions by 14 in the West Final, and look how accurate that turned out to be. Your prediction now will be just as accurate as the last one. :roll:

I predict that Gainer the Gopher will be 22 of 26 for 524 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT. Matt Dominguez will get 6 passes for 173 yards and 2 TDs. Kevin Glenn will get 9 tackles, 2 knockdowns, and a fumble recovery. Kent Austin will kick 4 of 5 field goals before losing an eye when he gets whipped in the face by Westwood's ponytail.

Riders 3A8B2 Bombers 0C59E

Horray for BOOBIES!!!!!

Was that supposed to be another post made in "jest?" :expressionless:

That was me. Read my pick for this week and remember Im never right.

I don't know about that chewy, the Als were 3-1 against the Stamps and Lions and the Argos were 11 - 1 down the stretch.

But 14 points is a tall order, I don't think the Bombers beat anyone by 14 points all year ? Oh wait, they did beat the Tabbies pretty bad, and the Stamps but that was with their back up and , let me see, oh ya the Riders, when KJ got the hook :lol: